Sting Should Not Be TNA World Champion Again

By andyravens
Image Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

On this week’s edition of, TNA Impact, we will see Sting taking on Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight title. If Sting loses, then he will be gone from TNA.

The veteran pro wrestler, who is 54 years of age and has been wrestling since 1985, is challenging for TNA’s world title? What is going on there? TNA should not be pushing guys that are past their prime and instead help the younger guys on the roster. Technically, Sting should not be even allowed to challenge for the world title since he lost to Bully Ray with the match stipulation that he would never be able to challenge for the belt again. What happened?

Well, it is pro wrestling, so now he can go for the belt if he puts his career on the line. Let’s say that Sting wins the match and becomes the TNA world champion. Does that mean that anytime they have a match stipulation that is similar to what Sting had with Bull Ray, it just goes out the window? There are so many problems with this angle that it is just sad.

If TNA is trying to boost its ratings, do you really think that will happen with this main event? Last week, they had what was supposed to be a stacked show and it did not pan out. The week before that, it was supposed to be AJ Styles‘ last match, and the show had too many people getting involved. Sting has held TNA titles a combined four times, I strongly believe it would be a mistake if he becomes champion again.

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Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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