Daniel Bryan’s Fanbase Is Ruining WWE Programming

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A couple of days ago, the news of CM Punk walking out on the WWE shook up the entire pro wrestling universe. The blame game has begun. Some say that it is the company’s fault due to terrible programming. Others say that Punk should be man enough to hang tough even if he was not happy with the direction of the company.

The blame can be placed on anything and anyone, but the one thing that is overlooked is the fans themselves. I believe their reactions have ultimately led to Punk’s departure from WWE television. The common belief throughout the WWE Universe is that Daniel Bryan deserves to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and should have won the 2014 Royal Rumble instead of Batista.

What I want to know is since when did the fans start to think that they decide who wins championships? Ownership has always made those decisions, even if it upsets people. That is what has always made sports entertainment what it is today, so why are the fans expecting otherwise? I understand their frustration, but Bryan’s presence has been the cause of a lot of controversy.

The fans cannot even decide whom to cheer for because Bryan is overlooked. Batista may not have been in the company for years, but there should be no problem with him coming back to headline Wrestlemania 30. The Rock did the same thing for two years, and the fans ate it up because they felt that it was okay if Dwayne was the man to outshine Bryan.

In reality, the fans will continue to pour their money into the company, so they should be a little more grateful for the ownership’s decisions.

I personally do not want to see Bryan headline anything because I am tired of him at this point. The fans are ruining the company because they save all of their energy for Bryan, and that takes away from every other superstar who is trying to make a name for themselves. Punk even had to take a backseat because fans stopped giving him huge reactions as well. No one deserves the blame but the fans in this situation.

Ownership is trying its best to give us all a great Wrestlemania event. The fans are trying their best to dictate what happens, and this will ultimately ruin the show. If Bryan headlined the main event, it would truly be the worst-case scenario for the biggest show of the year. Batista was once a force in the company, and he deserves it just as much as Bryan does. It is not the WWE’s fault that the fans are so fussy and emotional at times.

During the attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, the Rock and plenty of other stars were receiving a lot of love from their fans. Now, the fans are only cheering for Bryan and overlooking the other talent. That has continuously led to programming issues. The fan reactions are confusing, and it is effecting the decisions made on television. Bryant cannot and will not be the man forever, so the fans need to make way for other stars.

If they do not, then the company will continue to overlook Bryan, who in my opinion is a great wrestler, but does not have the characteristics of a champion.

It is up to ownership to decide what is best for their company, not the fans, so please stop thinking that your voice should dictate their decisions. Sit back, let the Authority reign, enjoy the show and let us all be grateful for a chance to watch week in and week out.

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CM Punk Leaves Millions Of Fans Disappointed By Walking Out On WWE

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  • Sam Coolsome

    If I pay for a ticket I’ll cheer for who I damn well please

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Yes and the WWE will do as they please regardless of who anyone cheers for.

      • Helmut Von Seelster

        And people can stop paying for their CRAP !! Where do you get off thinking the fans should be GRATEFUL to the idiots in charge of WWE?? You post like you are a member of the WWE and in the Authority instead of “supposed” writer. Remember this , sunshine, the WWE needs to be grateful to each and every FAN FOR PUTTING OUT OUR MONEY TO THEM , IT IS NEVER THE OTHER WAY AROUND . I suggest you enjoy your stipend from Vince , you sold any integrity for it

        • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

          Thanks for your input :)

          • Ray Smith

            This is the 2nd retarded “Daniel Bryan fans are stupid” article I’ve read from you… get a life, idiot. You are wrong. Plain & simple.

          • Talari Anil Raju

            You are an asshole just like DB.he will be booed soon enough just like batista and rey mysterio.as once they were just cheered like daniel bryan,and now what? days will change.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      You have the right to do so, but do not expect your cheers to determine who the champ is. That’s the point I am trying to make here.

  • Ryan Derringer

    So the rough translation of his article is: I am a CM Punk fan who is pissed Daniel Bryan is more over than he is.

  • Porfirio Cantu Jr.

    Wow, Daniel Bryan is the reason why cm punk left wwe. Wow. Bryan must be God. Some rumors state that cm punk was burnt out. Others say that part timers receiving all the limelight is the other. Some blame the authority and creative. Whoever you blame, you will never know until CM Punk tells you the reason. Most likely, he is burnt out and needs time to heal some physical wounds. Regardless, he will be back. They always come back. As far as Bryan is concerned the way the authority is handling him is the reason why the fans are acting the way they are. Blame the authority or Vince. Bryan is a fresh face. No one can deny his rising popularity. Even Cena and Sheamus looked shocked at the yes movement’s chants in their six man tag team match.

  • Zechs Marquise

    This is incredibly short sighted. Imagine if Steve Austin never showed up in the 97 rumble or the rock in the 2000 rumble or Lesnar in 2003 or if Cena and batista hadn’t been the last 2 in 2005, that is what happened this year when Bryan didn’t win. He is the most over star and deserves the main event. WWE has claimed, when not under kayfabe, that fan input is their driving force behind who gets pushed, for example see HHH’s interview with grantland from before summerslam. The fans now feel this is a lie as Bryan’s popularity is at an all time high getting austin level pop’s and he gets shut down in favor of a 45 year old who, and I can’t stress this enough, is not nor has ever been nor will he ever be on the same level as The Rock. He is a 45 year old out of shape former star who was the companies #2 in his prime and was #5 when he left. Bryan’s fans are only asking to pay what is owed which is Bryan getting his. I do not hold this against batista personally but rather against WWE creative and potentially vince. CM punk has even said Daniel Bryan should be main eventing this wrestlemania, and if you don’t believe me see his interview from last weekend at comic-con. I am a huge punk fan and the funny thing is everyone who loves Bryan also loves Punk for the most part. They’re both small agile technicians who are awesome in the ring, indie darlings and solid relief for those who are sick of John Cena, nothing against him personally his character is stale. Punk wanted a bigger match than against HHH and he deserves it, and so does Bryan, and they’d both get it without part-timers coming in for main event spots, huge paydays, and then leaving.

  • Max012

    According to this logic, WWE should’ve kept the title on “good guy” Bret Hart and off of “Bad Guy” Steve Austin because the fans were “ruining” the show by booing the babyface and cheering the heel. Of course, if WWE followed that logic, they would’ve lost the Monday Night War and would be out of business today.

    The fans are doing more than just cheering Bryan. The crowds have consistently cheered for CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and even Roman Reigns, who all received massive cheers at the Royal Rumble. The people are hungry for new stars, and haven’t gotten any in a long time due to the company’s complacency and lack of competition. This is where the loss of WCW is really felt. In the era of competition, the WWE would NEVER ignore massive crowd reactions and hold back a star. They would be too afraid to lose that star to the competition. But with this current monopoly, they feel comfortable just churning out the same corporate-approved slop every week.

    As far as WM30, this pattern of bringing in part-timers to main event Wrestlemania is a relatively new phenomenon, coming to fruition with the Undertaker’s shift to 1 or 2 matches a year and the Rock’s return from Wrestmania 27-29. The Rock’s part timer status wore out it’s welcome when his WM29 match with Cena came at the expense of CM Punk’s incredible run as champion. CM Punk earned the right to main event that year, just as Daniel Bryan (the most over star in a decade) has earned the right to main event this year.

    The fans are supporting the wrestlers they see every week, and are not interested in a 45-year-old wannabe-actor. Batista is no Hulk Hogan or Rock, both of whom are absolute legends of the industry and could sustain a few part-time comebacks. Batista was never that big a star, was never that talented, and his lack of a real connection with the audience is the reason his return has flopped and he’s being booed. The fans don’t want Batista. They want Bryan. For a company that brags about listening to its audience, the decision they should make is clear.

  • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

    Thanks for the comments whether you agree or not, I appreciate our readers !

    • William Bontrager

      I love watching Daniel Bryan.I never was one to cheer, “Yes”, or “no” and I thought that he should have stayed a Wyatt for awhile. Just from a creative standpoint it could have opened up so many twists and turns. I turn against those WWE fans that wanted the same character day in an day out and I boo the WWE because they listened to the pressure and avoided the risk. Bryan made an excellent heel but they dropped the story after only two weeks. Batista is old, washed up, and doesn’t deserve it. I hate watching him and Brock Lesnar hog the spotlight. Bryan deserves the spotlight, and unlike Cena, Orton, and the one hit wonders like Brick faced Lesnar and Broke Back Batista, I think he is willing to share it.

  • David

    First, Batista is NO Rock; not in wrestling, not in Hollywood. Rock was one of the top performers in one of wrestling’s hottest periods. Had he not left…and become a bonafide movie STAR…he might very well be universally recognized as the single biggest star in the history of the business and he’s way up the list as is.

    Batista was brought back in a confusing fashion, buddying up to the heel authority figures, clearly in no shape to wrestle as he was gassed after 10 minutes of doing almost nothing in the Rumble, and nothing was done to give the fans any reason to cheer him. Maybe if he’d come into the Rumble early and done SOMETHING the fans wouldn’t have been so down on him?

    I was at the Rumble and Bryan was not the ONLY guy to get cheers. The fans were beind Goldust and Cody, and popped for the Outlaws. The Wyatts, Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler got plenty of love.

    When you screw things up SO badly that you manage to get Rey Mysterio, one of the most beloved babyfaces of the past 20 years booed out of the building there is something seriously wrong with your booking.

    WWE has gooned this thing up since they snatched the belt off of Bryan at the moment of his greatest win, literally seconds after a clean pin against John Cena at Summer Slam. If they wanted to take the belt off him the next night, fine. But he should have had that moment in the spotlight. Nothing they’ve done since has gotten him more over. In fact, it’s incredible that he’s overcome the sloppy booking to stay at the top as he has.

    And…GREAT Wrestlemania main event? Have you SEEN Orton & Batista wrestle? It wasn’t great then…and unless Big Dave’s physical conditioning gets a hell of a lot better in the next few weeks it’s clearly going to be a damn sight worse now.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Sorry, but I would rather see Batista and Orton wrestle than Bryan and anyone. He’s been giving too many changes and failed to seizethe moment. He shouldn’t be praised for failure. Batista and Orton WILL put on a great show either way and fans will enjoy it.

      • Daveson

        We’ll see when 70,000 people are booing your wet dream of a main event between Batista and Orton, this is coming from a Batista fan (well ’05-’10 anyways)

        The majority of wrestling fans do not want to see this match, it wasn’t interesting when it was a mid card match back in 2008, why should it main event the biggest show of the year 6 years later?

        I can already see the match in my head. The amount of rest holds will be record breaking.

      • David

        Um…failed to seize the moment? You know it’s a work, right? What do you expect him to do…go into business for himself?
        He’s gotten way over with the crowd and done so despite some very questionable booking. What failure are you talking about?
        I’m not rooting for a lousy main event at Wrestlemania but Big Dave was gassed in mere minutes at the Rumble and has only 8 weeks to improve considerably.

      • Joe Cronin SHOW

        u on drugs BA batista and orton are slow and borning and muscle faced

  • Cheyicasy

    The Fans Gave Love To Other Wrestlers In The attitude Era Stone Cold Michaels Rock Taker Of Course They did They Wernt boring Look At Wwe today the bryan Chanta Rnt There When Punks Wrestling when The Wyats wrestler When Ziggler wrestles When Cody Or Goldust Wrestler The Chants happen When they Give Us Boring Bs weve Seen over And Over Orton vs Cena Or Triple H Trynna Stay Relivent And Make It About Himself When bad wrestlers are out i.e Ryback khali I Mean The fans Share The Love Look At the Rumble The Same Ppv peole are Blaming The Fans For ruining The First Half They Were Cheering Cm Punk They Were Chanting Ziggler They Were Sharing The love After They Got All thw Anger Out They Poped huge For Reigns Theyre Tired Of The Obvious Whena Big Name comes Back They Just Win And Win and Win And lets Face It Its Not That Entertaining

  • A Fan

    Didn’t even bother reading the article. Judging from the title, you’re just trolling us, aren’t you?

  • Jason Haddox

    The fans absolutely have always had impact on who wins titles in the business. Face or heel you don’t get titles without fan reactions.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Yes but fans need to realize that it doesn’t matter if they CHEER because like you said, either reaction is good in the WWE. the WWE hasnt budged and I feel sorry for the fans who actually think cheering louder and being angry will make a difference for their little hero.

  • Puredark

    “In reality, the fans will continue to pour their money into the company, so they should be a little more grateful for the ownership’s decisions.”

    Have you ever been grateful that a company allows you to give them money? When a fan spends money on a ticket / sports subscription and then spends time to watch that, they want a return on their investment.

    That return comes in the form of the fan favourites coming out on top. It makes everyone feel good. How does it make sense to give more screen time and better opportunities to the performers that no-one pays to see? If Bryan is the top guy in the eyes of the fan, he gets the top spot. People are then a little happier about spending their hard earned cash and invaluable time on the product.

    If Bryan headlined the main event, it would truly be the worst-case scenario for the biggest show of the year it would truly be the worst-case scenario for the biggest show of the year.”

    This is a complete minority opinion and you know it. This is what most of the fan base wants. The cheers, chants and media coverage more than support this.

    Saying that The Rock, Austin, Michaels and Taker all got their fair share of attention is not comparable to this. All of those performers have had top spots which came as the result of being fan favourites. Bryan is being held back for some reason so the audience makes their anger known. Put Bryan in the top spot and you’ll notice the fans stop ‘ruining’ other matches.

    It’s only a matter of time before the anger and frustration translates into lower PPV buys and lower TV ratings. When that happens, you can bet the fans will start getting what they want.

  • Jon Brown

    Wow I cant believe that you say to shut up an pay for a ticket. if we want we get if we paying for a ticket

  • Archie

    You are missing the point.

    People, obviously, scream “Daniel Bryan” because they like him; but they put all their energy into him because of how pissed they are at WWE creative. By screaming “Daniel Bryan” you are saying “who wrote this crap?”. It has become a rally cry that the fans have gotten behind to tell WWE “we are getting tired of this”.

  • Sam Cammarata

    We’re going to continue cheering for Daniel Bryan. And Everytime someone cries wanting us to stop, we’re going to cheer louder. This is America and our champion is Daniel Bryan

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Paper champion :)

  • Wulgus


  • http://NuclearSalad.com/ Kevin C. Sullivan

    Give us your money and do what we tell you to, you ungrateful bastards!

  • Jason Haddox

    The fans have cheered for stars other than Bryan. Just they haven’t cheered stars that can’t perform. And why does Daniel Bryan not posses the the qualities of a champ? Oh that’s right he can wrestle. He can work a crowd. And he gets the fans going. Just because he isn’t 6’4″+ and 260+? Please.

  • anthony figueroa

    we pay for their ppv and give them ratings to keep wwe at the forefront…without the fans…their is no wwe so please shut up and take this dumb article off idiot. if the fans wanna see daniel bryan why is that a crime.

  • http://people.ign.com/lickingodliness Lickingodliness

    This is by far one of the worst articles I have EVER read. The fans MAKE wrestlers, not the other way around. Maybe the person who wrote this article should learn how wrestling works.

  • wrestlefan01

    its called bryan connecting with the crowd.he is the most over ever since austin and that is saying a lot.dont fault the fans or bryan for that connection.fault wwe for dropping the ball with him

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Bryan isn’t OVER, fans are cheering for him to prove a point, not because they think he is better than CM Punk or Austin. They feel like he is overlooked, but Bryan is a mid-carder with great skills to me

      • Daveson

        You have completely voided your own opinion by saying Daniel Bryan isn’t over. Stevie Wonder can see the guy is over.

  • scott preller

    um, ya, because he is booked like a jobber and the fans are tired of it while other semi stars are protected. If you cant see the reasoning for that then you’re an idiot.

  • scott preller

    Quite honestly the most idiotic article I have ever read. I guess we should all sit on our hands and watch another 10 years of Cena and Orton and like it because HHH and Vince get their jollies off to body builders. Idiot.

  • JuneBug81

    “What I want to know is since when did the fans start to think that they decide who wins championships? Ownership has always made those decisions, even if it upsets people.”

    I have been watching pro wrestling avidly for the better part of 30 years, and if there is one thing I know, it’s this: nothing, and I mean nothing, is more fundamental to the art, craft, and business of pro wrestling than GETTING OVER. Period.

    In the past if someone was this over, what did they do? Why, they pushed them. They, to quote Bryan in a radio interview conducted before this whole controversy erupted, “put a rocket ship” behind that person, and used the resources and power that only they have to make that person a star.

    People can split hairs over whether or not he’s a draw or sells merch, but here’s the thing: John Cena wasn’t a draw or a merch mover the first time he got a title run either. They pushed him. For YEARS. They MADE him the man. They MADE him the face of the company. Same with Hogan, Austin, HBK, and the Rock. (Less so with Bret Hart as he arguably was never a huge draw, but his reigns were rife with complications too such as Hogan coming back and the rise of HBK.)

    Stars don’t just get over and draw overnight. They start out where Bryan is right now and then get made. They start out where CM Punk was, and then if hey don’t have their pushes aborted as Punk did, or have their momentum curtailed REPEATEDLY as Bryan has at every turn, if they’re lucky they end up in the stratosphere.

    “Even if it upsets people” ? The WWE of yore would not ignore something like this and upset people this badly. Don’t act like this is charted territory or some such. This is UNPRECEDENTED. Never has the crowd so vehemently turned on an entire PPV, barring perhaps Lesnar-Goldberg, but that was because we all knew they were taking a hike as soon as the bell rang. WWE of yore would have SEIZED upon this popularity and done with it what they did with Austin 3:16, You Can’t See Me, Whatchagonna Do, and Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking before it. They would not have ignored it, to their customers’ chagrin. They weren’t that myopic, frankly.

    As for Punk’s departure… word is that Punk left (assuming it still isn’t a work) because he won’t be in the main event. That isn’t the fans’ doing. He was never going to be anywhere near the Mania main event given Batista’s return. That’s his decision, and a consequence of WWE’s continually baffling booking/writing. If anything, the same fans who want Bryan to be the man right now, also want to see a dream match between him and Punk in a PPV main event. I can virtually guarantee you that.

    People aren’t pissed because they “aren’t getting their way,” and they damn sure aren’t “bad for business.” They’re disgruntled because the most fundamental thing about – the very heart and entire PREMISE of – pro wrestling, i.e. getting over via crowd participation, is being steamrolled and neglected in the name of adherence to a derivative, predictable, part-timer nostalgia push program that would be no more well received than Hogan coming back for another main event over Punk or Bryan.

    “…let us all be grateful for a chance to watch week in and week out.” That isn’t how this works. Sorry. Once, long ago, at the start of the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon gave a speech to fans saying that WWE (then F) would no longer insult our intelligence. It’s a shame they lost sight of that ambition. I think this video sums it up nicely:


    • scott preller

      wow, well said my friend, couldn’t have worded it better myself. My only gripe is that you said HBK was a draw, not true. Besides maybe now, the lowest rated run during the time of the WWE/F was HBK’s initial run with the belt after Bret left following Wrestlemania 12.

      • JuneBug81

        Really? I wasn’t aware of that and I find it surprising if true. But if it is, it makes sense in a way. It was a very tumultuous time with rapid changes happening at many levels, with little time for even someone of his undeniable caliber to build a consistent ability to draw.

        Which, as is my main point, takes time and isn’t an overnight, or even one year thing necessarily. Hogan didn’t lose for something like four years I believe when he was being made for instance.

        I guess that’s the real baffling thing. You’d think WWE would know and understand this reality. Even someone as over as Bryan (or Punk, as they discovered when he was red hot) takes time to become a serious draw. A long time in some cases. But they have to invest that time and effort or they will NEVER find a replacement for Cena. Who won’t be around forever.
        And is anyone a better candidate than Bryan? Anyone who connects with the audience, and as genuinely likable, and as much of a workhorse as him? I don’t see anyone in sight.

  • Padres4life

    wow, this writer is crazy….fans shouldn’t dictate their decisions? wow! we pay for the product.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      You pay because you love it, not to think you deserve to have control. We also pay to watch real sports, but we dont think we have a say in that right?

      • Daveson

        That’s because they are not pre determined by a creative team, you are an embarrassment to the world of sports journalism.

  • mwk360

    Go eff yourself and take your biasness with you

  • Reggie

    I don’t mean any personal offense to the author, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He asks WHEN did the fans start to think they decide who wins championships? The answer is ALWAYS! Because pro wrestling is scripted, it means they (the writers) always get to decide the outcome. It’s not as if WWE decides who wins matches by pulling a name out of the hat. One of the major factors is based on fan reaction and talent popularity. Sure, management might love the Brooklyn Brawler (as an example) but if the fans buying tickets don’t love nor hate him (indifference is the worse thing to be in this business) or don’t purchase any of his merchandise, then it makes an awful business decision to turn him into the champion. It doesn’t mean you just give the most popular wrestler the belt – but you always include them in the picture. They use the most popular wrestlers to tell a story – if they’re a face or good guy, for example, you script the struggle and adversity that they have to get over to winning the title. Again, the answer to when is ALWAYS. Second, I shouldn’t even need to explain the difference between The Rock and Batista. The Rock remains one of THE most popular characters in WWE history. Batista is some dude that won a couple of titles, but was never on the Rock’s level. That’s like comparing Larry Bird to Reggie Miller. I LOVE Reggie Miller, but c’mon! The other thing to realize is that popularity, unless you’re Stone Cold, The Rock, etc, is very fleeting in this business. Right now Daniel Bryan has won fans over completely. As a business, you need to strike while the iron is hot. Because who knows where he’ll be six months from now and the business just blew an opportunity to sell x amount of additional merchandise as a result of him winning a championship. There are other assertions that are just plain wrong in this article, but I’ve covered the major items. I’m silently hoping this article was written to be ironic. In that case, umm….just ignore everything I just said!

  • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

    How about this article I wrote. Do you guys agree with anything I said here?
    5 Changes The WWE Needs To Make — http://www.rantsports.com/pro-wrestling/2014/01/31/5-necessary-changes-needed-to-fix-wwe-programming/

    P.S. — I do not mind the comments from people who disagree but can we please act as adults and do our best to be respectful towards the opinions of others and those of my own. If you want to talk about this one on one and say whatever you please then contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Thanks and I appreciate you guys’ honesty.

  • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

    Thanks for the replies everyone but I stand by my opinion and that will not change. NO! NO! NO! it wont. If anyone wants to continue this conversation with me, then add me on Twitter @MrAnderson035 ! I will be doing a Podcast soon on this subject and I have no problem inviting some of you on to voice your opinions.

  • Blake W. Butler

    Oh my those terrible fans cheering who they want to cheer for! CRISIS! Maybe WWE should focus on making the rest of the roster more interesting then maybe others could get a reaction too.

  • Young Mase

    OK, unless you’re a serious Batista mark. I don’t really understand this. Maybe you’re a bitter Punk mark, who is upset the fans are supporting Bryan, rather than the man you’d rather see headline Mania. I think the fans made the right choice as Bryan’s main event push was aborted, because Summerslam didn’t do as well as the company had hoped. Well that was because the WWE had booked Randy Orton to hold the MITB briefcase and HHH to be the ref for the Cena – Bryan match. It didn’t take a genius to predict the finish. The reason fans have been upset, is because WWE has dangled the carrot of a Daniel Bryan WWE title run. And then they have held him back from such a run with false finishes and a HBK Sweet Chin Music. Usually whoever this happened to, went on to win the Rumble and headline Mania, and we assumed as much for Bryan. You surely can’t blame this on the fans? Had Bryan won at HIAC, and then dropped the belt back to Orton at the Rumble fair enough, but he needed a run that lasted longer than a day. WWE created this monster by not pushing him correctly with baffling story-telling.
    It’s the result of having a team of writers whose goal is short-term pay off, I.E Batista comes back wins rumble and title at Mania, than a booker who sets storylines with long-term pay-offs. I don’t think people remember Austin won KOTR in 96, then headlined Mania in 98, that was a nearly 2 year pay off. As the DB story started when he lost in 18 seconds at WM 28. This would be a 2-year pay-off should he win the title at WM XXX. It’s good storytelling.

  • http://thewrestlingimpact.com/ Daniella Laree

    For one thing The Rock was one of the most entertaining WWE superstars of all time. His mic skills were on an island of it’s own. To compare Batista to him is an insult.

    Second you mention Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker and the Rock and compare their fame to Bryan..again not a fair comparison. Those guys were all main eventers. They headlines multiple PPV’s they were the FACES of WWE. Danial Bryan hasn’t been the face of WWE, hasnt been WWE champion. It was because of the fans pop that those men got to where they were. So Yes, I’d say WWE does listen to the fans ONLY if it suits them.

  • skarvika

    I respect Bryan, and he’s by no means a bad wrestler and you have to admit his ability to get a crowd riled up is something we haven’t seen for many years, but you’ve got other guys going out there and giving it their all to entertain the fans and the fans turn their backs on them just for the simple fact that they aren’t Daniel Bryan. I was surprised to hear so many boos for Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble this year, being someone who has been a part of the WWE for over a decade and who has retained popularity throughout the entirety of his career.
    I thought about how he must have felt being hit with that kind of reaction, because I’m sure it’s not something he’s used to. The fans didn’t say “It’s Rey, and I like him, so I’m going to cheer for him”, they said “It’s not Daniel Bryan, so I’m gonna boo the guy” and that’s just not cool in my opinion.
    Personally, Goldust is my favorite person in the current roster, and I hope to see him in a match when I go to Elimination Chamber this month, but if I don’t, I’m not gonna be pissed off and boo every other wrestler that comes out. Shit man, I just don’t like it…it’s like these people don’t even want to enjoy themselves. As I’ve said before, Daniel Bryan’s story is a true underdog one, and the WWE has been extremely effective in making the fans a part of it, but this is really getting out of hand.

  • Sycho Walker

    It all started at Wrestlemaina 28 or the Year building to it. Other than Rock/Cena and The Streak Match there was also another match that was set the Smackdown after MITB2011 which was Daniel Bryan being in a World Title match. Other than viewing buying the PPV you had people who all over the USA and around the World who may have spent their Hard Earned Money to see this man compete in his FIRST Wrestlemaina in a World Title Match(Though he was booked to be in WM27, was Bumped). Sure he was the First Match but it didn’t matter cause after waiting for around a Year they were going to see Daniel Bryan Perform as they were chanting ‘Yes’ on the Grandest Stage of them All….. Only to last 18 Seconds.

    After all that waiting, all that planing and saving all that Money to be there and that’s what they get? And we all know what Happened after that….

    WWE Created a Monster that Night and it Continues to only Grow especially when they feel Daniel Bryan is Being Screwed, so don’t Fight the Monster for it’ll Crush you, just Accept it.

  • Ritchie Destiny

    The writer of this article is a complete moron. After reading his comments i have decided he is not worthy of any kind of respect. His objective is flawed and invalid. Find a new hobby, your opinions suck.

  • beehappyy

    I’ve been watching wrestling a long time and it takes a lot to get me to jump out of my seat and cheer. Daniel Bryan does this. You are so far off base. I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying Daniel Bryan but millions are and when you watch him enter the ring the fans are going BANANAS. They wouldn’t be doing that for Batista, Orton, or Cena if Bryan wasn’t around. Also the fans cheer for Ziggler and Ceasero. You seem to be mad that Orton and Cena aren’t getting the loudest pops. Boo hoo. I’m so happy that I get to watch WWE with excitement again! Without CM Punk or Daniel Bryan the past two years WWE would have been so boring.

  • Joe Cronin SHOW

    I am positive he works for WWE now this is just dumb Brian … Troll job 1000

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      We talked about this already lol get over it … I just re-posted is all .. relax my man