Daniel Bryan's Fanbase Is Ruining WWE Programming

By Brian Anderson
Courtesy of WWE Official Facebook Page

A couple of days ago, the news of CM Punk walking out on the WWE shook up the entire pro wrestling universe. The blame game has begun. Some say that it is the company’s fault due to terrible programming. Others say that Punk should be man enough to hang tough even if he was not happy with the direction of the company.

The blame can be placed on anything and anyone, but the one thing that is overlooked is the fans themselves. I believe their reactions have ultimately led to Punk’s departure from WWE television. The common belief throughout the WWE Universe is that Daniel Bryan deserves to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and should have won the 2014 Royal Rumble instead of Batista.

What I want to know is since when did the fans start to think that they decide who wins championships? Ownership has always made those decisions, even if it upsets people. That is what has always made sports entertainment what it is today, so why are the fans expecting otherwise? I understand their frustration, but Bryan’s presence has been the cause of a lot of controversy.

The fans cannot even decide whom to cheer for because Bryan is overlooked. Batista may not have been in the company for years, but there should be no problem with him coming back to headline Wrestlemania 30. The Rock did the same thing for two years, and the fans ate it up because they felt that it was okay if Dwayne was the man to outshine Bryan.

In reality, the fans will continue to pour their money into the company, so they should be a little more grateful for the ownership’s decisions.

I personally do not want to see Bryan headline anything because I am tired of him at this point. The fans are ruining the company because they save all of their energy for Bryan, and that takes away from every other superstar who is trying to make a name for themselves. Punk even had to take a backseat because fans stopped giving him huge reactions as well. No one deserves the blame but the fans in this situation.

Ownership is trying its best to give us all a great Wrestlemania event. The fans are trying their best to dictate what happens, and this will ultimately ruin the show. If Bryan headlined the main event, it would truly be the worst-case scenario for the biggest show of the year. Batista was once a force in the company, and he deserves it just as much as Bryan does. It is not the WWE’s fault that the fans are so fussy and emotional at times.

During the attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, the Rock and plenty of other stars were receiving a lot of love from their fans. Now, the fans are only cheering for Bryan and overlooking the other talent. That has continuously led to programming issues. The fan reactions are confusing, and it is effecting the decisions made on television. Bryant cannot and will not be the man forever, so the fans need to make way for other stars.

If they do not, then the company will continue to overlook Bryan, who in my opinion is a great wrestler, but does not have the characteristics of a champion.

It is up to ownership to decide what is best for their company, not the fans, so please stop thinking that your voice should dictate their decisions. Sit back, let the Authority reign, enjoy the show and let us all be grateful for a chance to watch week in and week out.

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