Are Arsenal Fans Keen for Luis Suarez to sign?

By Stowe Gregory
Image via Jimmy Baikovicius – Wiki Commons

The news that Arsenal have been chasing Liverpool for Luis Suarez has certainly divided opinion amongst Gooners.

As we all know he is strongly respected for his playing ability, if he was judged on that alone than perhaps the hunt for Suarez would be even greater. Arsenal fans have been crying out for ‘big’ signings. They know that if they are to return to their early 2000s glory days, they need the icing on a currently decent base. Suarez could easily be that, but there is something about Arsenal and their reputation that Suarez simply doesn’t fit into.

Arsenal believes in doing things in a classy style; they have been reluctant to spend big as they know doing things the right way financially is the better thing to do to secure a reliable future. Suarez, however is the type of character that is despised by the English public and more so the press. It is understandable that Arsenal fans are slightly against taking on board a man such as Suarez, because there is fear he will ruin that respected reputation.

But perhaps the time has now come that Arsenal fans are happy to take high quality whilst brushing aside any of the mishaps which they tend to hold against those who leave their own club. The chances are they won’t even be successful with Suarez negotiations, but if they are then it marks that desire the club have now to simply acquire quality that will propel them towards the top of the table again.

I don’t think everyone will be pleased by Suarez and if Arsene Wenger did somehow manage to sign him then it may always been a strange feeling for a lot of Arsenal fans, who aren’t keen on a disruptive attitude getting in the way of other matters. However, as Liverpool fans will claim; nothing can ever match true quality.

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