Liverpool: Luis Suarez's Attitude Has To Stop Now

By Aydin Reyhan
Luis Suarez
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Luis Suarez has been Liverpool‘s best striker for the past couple of seasons after his move to the Premier League from Ajax. He professed his love for the club on several occasions, but now that he realizes that they are going nowhere in Europe and won’t be winning the league title, he wants out.

It is extremely hard to blame him as he is very talented and deserves a chance to play at a bigger club such as Arsenal, Real Madrid or even Juventus. The most serious inquiry has come from the first of those three teams mentioned, but coach Brendan Rogers and Liverpool management have repeatedly stated that he is not for sale. To keep suitors away, they have put a €40 million price tag on his signature.

If he were to join Arsenal, he could almost be guaranteed a top-four or five finish and also a spot in the Champions League or Europa League.

Now, because of that, it is easy to understand why he wants out of Anfield — the team has talent and a good coach, but one thing is absolutely for sure: they are as inconsistent as a team gets. They will one one game, lose two, win a couple then lose another. They need to begin winning multiple games in a row to build confidence and finish higher in the league table.

Unfortunately, that has not been happening in the last couple of seasons.

Suarez was rumored to be looked at by Madrid and Juventus, but both of those moves were never really going to happen. Arsenal, on the other hand, have sent in multiple offers, which has kept his interest in staying atop English soccer in the Premier League.

However, his team will not let him go.

Suarez wants out, but his team does not and quite honestly. can not afford to let him go. Why? Because if he leaves, the team will have to rely on unproven youth up top in a 4-3-3 formation, which is already a gamble to begin with. Without a proven striker to score, assist and help develop the youth products and rising stars, this team will sink to an even lower finish in the EPL.

The Uruguayan international has to be happy to stay at the club if they decide against letting him go. His attitude has angered team mates, coaches and fans alike. For the fans, it is quite simple: if he does not want to stay, let him go. Coaches and team mates know much better because they seem him every single day at games and training — he is a capable striker/winger who can bring out the best of his teammates and himself.

If only he can remember what is was like when he first joined Anfield …

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