Luis Suarez Moving To Arsenal Could Negatively Affect Squad

By Stowe Gregory
Arsenal stadium ashburton grove
Photo by Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Arsenal’s interest in Luis Suarez is slightly confusing and is possibly not as good an acquisition as some suspect. Such a move for Arsenal would be a huge addition in talent, but as we all know his characteristics have negative affects. However, in this article I am discussing that Suarez could have a negative effect on the Arsenal squad, rather than just himself.

That is because it currently seems that Arsenal has a very tightly-knit group of players, all fighting as one against the odds with belief in one another. It seems there is a real lacking of stand out disruptive figures in that squad, there is a collective spirit and they all seem happy perhaps not just in terms of ability but also as man to man.

Suarez turning up could easily have some differing implications. Such a character could disrupt things and a mistake or letting down of his teammates could result in a broken spirit. However, obviously the Arsenal players would be more than happy to see such a talent arrive. But after a ban of six league games, it would be strange.

Suarez does seem such a different type of character to those in the current Arsenal team, it doesn’t seem like the type of man Arsene Wenger would usually go after. Suarez’ six game Premier League ban that he still has to take could also have an affect, it would mean he has played very little football by around September, would the likes of Oliver Giroud really be very accepting in stepping aside for Luis Suarez?

All of this could be proven wrong of course, it’s all theoretical. A player like Suarez could flourish on what is a personally and underrated strong core that Wenger has assembled at Arsenal.


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