Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup Fix Will Have Huge Implications Either Way

By Stowe Gregory
Qatar WC
Image via ‘daly3d abd’ – Wiki Commons

Whatever the fix for Qatar‘s 2022 FIFA World Cup is, it will have negative and messy results on the footballing world.

With Sepp Blatter and various Football Associations now believing it would be irrational to host the tournament in the summer of 2022, the fix to that situation is causing quite a stir as the leaders of the game now recognize action will soon have to be taken in preparation.

As widely stated, the prospect of a winter World Cup that year is more than likely, but it will have huge implications on the sport. This sport has been used to Summer World Cups for over half a century now, the underlying impact would be the three domestic seasons. At least, that would have to be reorganized for this World Cup to take place.

With that comes even more confusion. It would affect broadcast deals (an integral part of the modern game) and almost certainly require every player’s contract to be altered and reconsidered in some way. It would affect the game, as we understand it, for at least three years. Even little situation, like lower league players wanting to move up to the Premier League, would be difficult; the transfer window system would go out the window.

It quite simply cannot be held in Qatar’s summer where the temperatures frequently reach at least 40 °C (104 °F). Most have suggested air-conditioned stadiums that could allow games to be played in this heat, but there would be huge dangers for traveling fans, media, training sessions and those staying within the country — it could be a disaster. It’s near impossible.

The other alternative is to relocate the tournament in another country. But that surely won’t happen. With the strong suggestions that corruption took place in the bidding process, I seriously fail to see the tournament taking place anywhere but Qatar. It would take an admittance of failure to host from Qatar themselves for that to occur, which is unlikely.

It’s a huge mess already that will most likely only get worse.  It’s interesting to think just how FIFA will work this one out without upsetting too many people and nations, but the shock really shouldn’t be that a winter World Cup is possible, but instead the fact Qatar won the 2022 bid in the first place — they bid to host a summer tournament. One quote sums up how ridiculous it all is. It comes from FIFA president Blatter himself, “It’s probably too hot in June.” Why did they get the tournament in the first place then Mr. Blatter?

Something tells me the likes of the USA, who missed out on becoming hosts, are looking on in disbelief.


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