Neymar Is Rapidly Becoming Brazil’s Best


Photo courtesy of Neymar’s official Facebook page

Barcelona and Brazil international left winger Neymar is dazzling and scoring goals at will for his country, and is starting to do the same for his club. At the age of 21, he is defying all the odds and is truly living up to the expectations set for him by others.

The brilliance of Neymar is not how he performs on the field. but how he still considers himself a member of Lionel Messi‘s club. He arrived there to make a difference by scoring and assisting goals whenever he possible can. He is a game-changer, which is why he was brought over from Santos.

He claimed that he came to Catalunya to help Messi bring as much success as possible to the club. He is playing for Messi’s team. This is absolutely admirable and humble of him, but he surely has to realize that he is very close to being the best.

The Argentine and club no. 10 rules this team, plain and simple. It is rumored to be because of him that Swedish superstar Zlatan Imbrahimovic left the club, since the offense and attitude was built around Neymar. Imbrahimovic is still considered one of the world’s very best strikers to this very day. If someone of his talents was outshone due to his ego, wouldn’t a rising Brazilian star be tempted to do the same in the future?

The answer to that question will be answered maybe as soon as the end of this season. Messi will still be in charge of the club while Neymar will still be scoring and assisting on goals because it is his job and passion to do so. These two guys has worked nearly to perfection together on the field thus far, and will only continue become more and more dangerous.