Chicago Fire Wrongly Fire Head Coach Frank Klopas

By Phil Naegely
frank klopas
John E. Sokolowski-USA Today Sports

One day after Vancouver Whitecaps fired head coach Martin Rennie, the Chicago Fire confirmed they have fired Frank Klopas. While some think Vancouver made a mistake firing their coach, the same can be said about Chicago.

Klopas’s tenure in Chicago ends after 2.5 years at the helm. Since 2007, Chicago has had five different coaches. The problem in Chicago is not the coaching, but the ownership. The players need coaching consistency so they can buy into the coach’s vision and game plan. However, when there is an almost constant turnover with no coach lasting more than three seasons, the team is set up for failure.

With mid-season trade acquisitions of Mike Magee and Bakary Soumare, it looked like Chicago could make the postseason. They made a run but ultimately failed which is most likely why Klopas was fired, but I think he was wrongly dismissed.

Klopas was not the issue. The team started the season off slow and then played better as the season went on. Magee and Soumare were spark plugs to a nonchalant roster, and the difference was seen immediately. I’m confident that Klopas could have built on that improvement next season, but unfortunately we will not be able to see that.

It will be interesting to see if any other MLS teams start calling for his service as head coach. If this week has been any indication, more MLS coaches are on the hot seat and more firings will occur.

For now, though, many of us are left scratching our heads asking “why”. I understand Klopas had been coaching in Chicago for 2.5 years, but Chicago’s higher ups are the issue and the reason why there hasn’t been coaching consistency in Chicago lately.

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