Arsenal: Jermain Defoe Should Be Considered By Arsene Wenger Despite Being At Tottenham

By Stowe Gregory
Image via @SpursOfficial

Arsenal should consider Jermain Defoe as a January transfer window signing, despite currently being a Tottenham player.

With Olivier Giroud the only striker at Arsenal with the required talent, I believe Defoe should be considered by Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board. Of course, if they have their sights set on a bigger name then this is perhaps irrelevant, but as Wenger has said in the past, it is about the quality, not the price tag. For Defoe, a deal with Spurs would likely be over what most would consider a worthy price, but if possible, it would be worth it.

Defoe has been one of England’s most prolific goal scorers since the turn of the century, but there is something about him that would fit nicely at Arsenal. His style is all about movement and taking chances. The pace and runs into the channels that Defoe uses would likely work at Arsenal, with his instinct and instantaneous attempts at goal something that would be extremely handy.

The similarities with Arsenal’s second all-time goal scorer, Ian Wright, are no coincidence. Defoe has stated happily in the past that he had posters of Wright in an Arsenal shirt on his bedroom wall as a child, and later took a huge influence from him as a youngster whilst they played together at West Ham. I know that for many players, childhood football passions fade as they becomes professionals. But for Defoe, I sense he wouldn’t be against a move to Arsenal. He has been at Charlton, West Ham and Spurs twice; he is a London man. At a stage in his career where he struggles for a respectful amount of Premier League game time, it could be a great move.

Defoe is still friends with Wright and that goal scoring ability could be a huge boost to Arsenal. He knows the Premier League for a start, but his track record also shows he gets off the mark quickly, having scored on his debuts with every club, from Bournemouth to Portsmouth.

It would be foolish to rule out Defoe as a suitable striker for Arsenal just because he plays for Spurs, as he could honestly be a good option. As Spurs’ highest ever scorer in Europe, he could be a nice alternative to the hold up style of play that we see with Giroud. The fact he hasn’t played in the Champions League with Spurs this year (as they didn’t qualify) means he wouldn’t be cup tied either. There may come points in the season where Arsenal needs a goal from somewhere, when the form drops a little. Defoe is that kind of forward — he takes chances.

The reason he has never been considered one of the best in Europe is because he offers little else. But as an alternative, his goal scoring ability is something I believe Arsenal should consider. I am not saying there is no better option, but it is one that should be considered, given the fact Arsenal needs another reliable striker and Defoe’s contract is entering it’s last year whilst he sits on the bench being wasted.

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