Top 5 Champions League Performances Of The Week

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Top 5 Champions League Performances Of The Week

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The soccer world once again had their eyes on Europe during the week as the illustrious Champions League fixtures continued. The Champions League is a spectacular competition where potential stars are made and establish stars can be exposed. Young players like Neymar, Isco and Andre Shurrle are given the chance to secure legendary status by helping their teams to victory in the biggest club competition in the world. What youngster wouldn't want to be a part of history and have their name in the history books next to Zinedine Zidane, Didier Drogba and Ronaldinho?

Just as it can catapult you to stardom, the Champions League can also ruin your reputation with one bad performance. A player's transfers fee could go up or drop by millions depending on how they fare in the Champions League. The top clubs in the world suffer mind-boggling defeats to clubs from leagues no one has ever heard of.

Only the World Cup stands above the Champions League as it has proved to be one of the biggest trophies in the world of soccer to hoist. Europe is undisputed in the talent they have at their disposal from all over the world.

Teams started to show their quality during matchday four of the Champions League as some teams have pretty much been eliminated from group play. Some teams have shown that they may be in it for the long term. Of course, the normal European powers continued to stay on track as there were very few surprises, and the favorites for the title continue to separate themselves from the pack.

There were countless great performances from this past week that didn't make my top-five. When you see the names in the top-five, you will see that my selections were justified. We have five players representing three different countries and three different domestic leagues. Three of the five players selected are Argentine internationals, and three of the five players play in English Premier League.

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5. Gonzalo Higuian

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Gonzalo Higuain has been tremendous so far this season for Napoli, picking up where he left off as a Real Madrid player. The Argentine international was excellent in the Champions League this week, scoring two goals against French side Marseille

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4. Sergio Aguero

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Sergio Aguero has been a goal-scoring machine this season for Manchester City. The Argentine international continued his remarkable run as he scored twice against Russian side CSKA Moscow.

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3. Samuel Eto'o

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Samuel Eto'o has had a rough go of it so far at Chelsea, struggling to score goals consistently. Nonetheless, the Cameroonian international was on target twice against German side Schalke 04 as he looks to regain his form.

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2. Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi was once again outstanding in the Champions League as he led Barcelona to a 3-1 thrashing of Italian giants AC Milan. The Argentine international bagged a brace and was again an inspirational figure for the Catalan club.

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1. Alvaro Negredo

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Alvaro Negredo had his coming-out party for Manchester City as he scored a hat trick against Russian giants CSKA Moscow. The Spanish international is beginning to show his worth as he continues to improve for the English club.