Cardiff City Run By A Madman?

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: Cardiff City Official Facebook Page

Recent reports coming out from Cardiff City suggest that Malasyian businessman Vincent Tan has issued a personal letter to current boss Malky Mackay telling him to resign or be fired. While no one can dispute the business acumen of Tan, it really is a sad state of affairs for Cardiff City fans and a tarnish on the English Premier League.

I look for a protest tomorrow during the Liverpool game with the fans already unhappy with Tan for changing their traditional colors. The Bluebirds (key word ‘blue’) have worn a blue kit since 1908, all throughout their glory years and FA Cup win in 1927. Now they play in red thanks to Tan, while some fans still turn up in the blue shirts for games.

Cardiff is newly promoted to the Premier League thanks to Malky Mackay, and they are four points clear of relegation. Since joining the team in 2011, he has rebuilt the squad into one that not only competes in the Premier League, but actually enjoys success. He also got Cardiff to a their first-ever league cup final and were only beaten by Liverpool. Even back then, his side only lost 3-2 on penalties.

So if I were Mackay, I will be taking that email and saying to Tan, “fire me then.” Thankfully, he signed a contract not long ago which tied him to the club until 2016, and so the severance pay will be worth all the mudslinging going on from Tan.

Mackay will be okay. He will leave Cardiff and get a good job, whether it be at West Brom or a future vacancy. I believe he could be a very good manager in the next few years. Meanwhile, the longer Tan stays at Cardiff, the worse that club will get.

Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for Rant Sports and The Sports Column. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on Facebook

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