Stephan El Sharaawy Would Fill Creativity Void Left By Theo Walcott At Arsenal

By Josh Sippie
Arsenal league title hopes dealt blow with Theo Walcott injury
Photo Courtesy of the Official Arsenal FC Facebook Page

It was a welcome sight seeing Theo Walcott in such good form throughout the first half of the season, so to see him go down with an elongated injury was devastating. His prowess at right wing is unquestionable. He has the skill set to get around anyone, and even his finishing touch was looking much better. So with his removal from the equation, Arsenal must shift their priorities to finding a suitable replacement.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has shown some signs of good form, but he’s failed to develop any sense of consistency as he too missed a hefty chunk of the season with injury. Serge Gnabry has been filling in thus far, but at only 18-years-old, he still needs to develop and may not be ready to be starting every day just yet.

Arsenal could see this as a sign that they really do need someone that can fill in for Olivier Giroud when needed and not cause any loss in offensive power, essentially someone that can take over on the wing and also double as a striker. There have been links to guys like Loic Remy and Paul-Georges Ntep, but the most appealing signing is a guy that is a much farther reach as far as rumors are concerned.

If the answer to the question is a potentially world-class attacker that can slot in as a striker or winger, then the perfect fit is Stephan El Shaarawy. The Italian international who currently plays for AC Milan has been very loosely linked to Arsenal in the past, but he definitely fits the mold.

Known for his technical ability, El Sharaawy would give Arsenal an invaluable attacking tool that can fill any void from central midfield to striker. He’s only 21-years old and is already considered a world-class player as he was ranked the 52nd overall player in the world by The Guardian.

The main problems are price and the plausibility of El Sharaawy leaving Milan. It should come as no surprise that El Sharaawy would not be a cheap purchase, and Arsenal have proven to have tight pockets. However, they did recently sign Mesut Ozil to a record-setting deal. Whether that means they are less likely to dish that kind of money out again or if they are loosening the purse strings is yet to be seen.

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