Seria A: Roma-Inter Milan Match Duller Than Expected

By Aydin Reyhan
Inter and Roma Battled Hard on the Field
Getty Images

The Serie A brought us the first mouth-watering clash of  the weekend (on paper that is) between Roma and Inter Milan. The game was expected to be a hit, but the stalemate defines it all.

Both teams knew exactly how to cancel the other out which is why it was hard to build up pressure on one side of the field. Individually, the players played admirably for both sides, but there are some players who stood out above all the rest.

Gervinho is the Ivorian international winger who plays for Roma, and his first-half performance was remarkable as he took on many defenders at once and even fired a shot or two on frame. However, he did have trouble getting others involved which is something we remember from his Arsenal days toward the end of his time there.

Inter relied heavily on the playmaking ability of Ricky Alvarez, who did have a decent first half, but he did not have much help from Freddy Guarin and Rodrigo Palacio, who could not find the opener. These guys are known to be the go-getters, so Roma knew how and when to defend them successfully.

Roma’s 4-3-3 was nicely matched by Inter’s 3-5-2, and it did not seem to struggle too much with only three in the back. Their midfielders passed the ball around nicely, but clearly creating scoring chances is a bit tough as the strikers seemed to pull back a bit too much.

Roma enjoy stretching the field with their wingers in the final third, but the issue with that is they do not have enough speedy players to make it work. The defenders on the opposing side today were easily able to halt their runs down the flanks or even when they cut toward the middle.

There is a reason why Juventus is in first place, and it is quite simple: every position is filled by a player who can stay focused for the entirety of 90 minutes as well as attack and defend as a team. If the other teams do not start playing like them or get in the same good shape, the title will stay in Turin.

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