Jason Collins Won't be the Last Pro Athlete to Come Out

It seems like we’ve been talking about it for months and now it’s finally happened: a player in one of the four major sports has come out as gay. The story is making headlines everywhere because NBA center Jason Collins is the first “active” player to come out, although he’s currently a free agent.

John Amaechi became the first former player to come out back in 2007, but Collins played for the Washington Wizards this past season, meaning he’s still technically in the league. Of course, his NBA career is likely over from a basketball standpoint considering he’s not what you would call a star player and he’s 34 years old. On the flip side, many believe this announcement will land Collins at least one more shot in the NBA because of the publicity, if for no other reason.

Collins is being called a pioneer for gay athletes everywhere, but particularly males in the four major American sports. The buzz now leads us to believe Collins will likely be the just first in a long line of players to come out very soon.

What do you think? Should Collins be given another shot in the NBA because of his announcement or should that matter at all? Comment below and let us know and be sure to check out these other great articles on Collins:

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