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Johnny Manziel Needs to Cool It, Especially With Social Media

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Johnny Manziel‘s careless tweet over the weekend venting his frustration, though quickly deleted, shows this kid is not ready for prime time just yet. Johnny Football is learning the hard way that what you put out there on the Internet stays on the Internet and trying to cover your tracks with more tweets just piles onto the situation.

Johnny’s star has been on the rise after winning the Heisman Trophy, and he’ll beĀ eligibleĀ for the 2014 NFL Draft after the upcoming season, so Texas A&M fans have been wondering which path Manziel will take: another year of college ball, or declare for the NFL Draft. After he tweeted he, “can’t wait to leave College Station,” we’ve got a little insight into what is likely to happen.

Taken on performance alone, Manziel has the stats for pro level football, ending the year with 295 completions for 3,700 yards and 26 touchdowns, and that doesn’t include his insane rushing numbers.

But what you do off the field these days, plays a big part in the decision of whether or not a prospect is really ready for the big league and keeping your personal life out of social media is just one of those life skills Johnny needs to work on.

What do you think? Is Johnny ready for prime time? Or does he need a lesson in discretion? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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