Summer X Games 2013 Munich: Bob Burnquist Shows His Dominance

While it isn’t exactly the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the 2013 Summer X Games amazed millions of fans and showed us all just how tricky these shifty athletes can be. Munich, Germany played host this time around and those fans were able to catch a glimpse of history.

It’s all about medals when talking X Games. However, no one in the universe has more X Games bling than the one and only Bob Burnquist. Just a few years away from 40 years old, Burnquist has been lighting up skate parks for the better part of two decades and the entire world has been his playground…literally.

It’s time that Burnquist’s name starts coming up in conversations that involve the best athletes of all time as the legendary skater now has 25 X Games medals under his belt. By the way, those of you snickering over the thought of these skaters being “athletes,” should think about what you say before you are forced to hop on a board of wood and fall 88 feet in the air.

Didn’t think so.

Even still, the best part about the X Games is just how open-ended the events really are. For example, the 2013 games featured the first ever Mountain Bike Slopestyle. Brett Rheeder was able to bring home the gold in this one and the Ontario native is already thinking about defending his title. As if mountain biking isn’t extreme enough, the talk around the X Games circuit is that extreme golf carting could be in the sport’s near future.

This would make fans across the country head on down to the local country club just to jack up a couple of golf carts — the maintenance men of the world can’t be happy about this one.

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