Fast Pitch: RGIII Upset With Arby's, Bill Simmons Burned, CFL Player Lands Brutal Hit

Robert Griffin III Having His Reserved Parking Spot Removed From Arby’s is Hilarious

Fast food and the NFL rarely get mentioned in the same breath, but the Washington Redskins‘ star quarterback is in a feud with Arby’s. In an offseason full of injury question marks and scrutiny it’s nice to see RG3 get in the news something of the lighthearted variety.

NBC Sports Burns Bill Simmons for ESPN Wimbledon Tweet

Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers are in an on-going war of words, but the sports personality is making headlines for not giving his company any credit. Here’s the story of how Mr. Simmons embarrassed himself, his tennis knowledge and his company all in the same tweet.

6-Foot-11 Lineman Crushes 5-Foot-10 DB in CFL Football Game (Video)

It feels like the NFL season is miles away, but it’s actually closer than you’d think. With that being said, die-hard football fans are forced to resort to leagues like the Canadian Football league for the time being. Hey — if all of its players make hits like the video above shows then sign me up for season tickets!