Shaq Has No Business Calling Out Dwight Howard for Picking Houston Rockets

Bringing Dwight Howard to LA is the worst move in Los Angeles Lakers history. Full of drama, No. 12 didn’t do much for the purple and gold and bolted after just 76 games with the team. Obviously, ditching a team with as much clout as the Lakers isn’t going to go over smoothly, so it was only a matter of time before Shaquille O’Neal opened his big mouth with these comments about Howard’s departure:

“It was expected. Not everyone can handle being under the bright lights.”


While I firmly believe the “Dwightmare” is a Texas-sized headache, Shaq needs to take a look in the mirror before he starts throwing rocks at an easy target like No. 12. I understand that O’Neal doesn’t like the way Howard handles himself, but Shaq is in no position to talk about NBA seven-footers having too big of an ego. In case you forgot, the Kobe Bryant and Shaq feud got rather heated in the mid 2000s and caused the Miami Heat to swoop in and trade for the Big Diesel.

Although Shaq would soon win a ring by banding together with Dwyane Wade in Miami, the Lakers would have won three more titles if O’Neal would have just bit his tongue and stayed in the LA spotlight. All in all, both of these centers are in love with fame and thrive on being a part of the national conversation. With that being said, which one of these stars do you think is a bigger drama queen?

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