Alex Rodriguez Hits New Low After Camp Reportedly Snitched on Ryan Braun

As if Alex Rodriguez could possibly be any less likable, the New York Yankees‘ troubled slugger was reportedly the mastermind behind a conspiracy to throw Ryan Braun under the bus. That’s right, A-Rod’s camp leaked Biogenesis documents with Braun’s name on it and there can only be one reason for that.

For a guy who has tested positive more often than Derek Jeter switches girlfriends, A-Rod sure has cried a lot about his 211-game suspension that will keep him out of baseball until 2015. But now it looks like he’s trying to save face by snitching on Braun through his “inner circle.”

What a coward. A-Rod has no one to blame but himself for being the biggest goat in baseball history, and we’re not talking about the acronym. Yet he’s now trying to  deviate some of the attention from himself and is using Braun a scapegoat. Forget a ban from baseball, even a lifetime one; they should exile this dude. But with all the folks reportedly involved in this whole PED scandal, A-Rod just needs to remember one phrase: snitches get stitches, and we ain’t talking about the ones on a baseball.