New England Patrtiots Stick To Script: Tom Brady Will Play In Preseason Game

Each year when the NFL season ends, we all expect to see the New England Patriots somewhere atop the standings. However, we often question Bill Belichick‘s crew along the way simply because New England does things differently than most franchises. Well, whether we like it or not; the Pats have a certain way of doing things and are bullheaded in many ways.

Yet, it’s hard to knock the Patriots when you look at the results. Over the last decade New England has never had a losing record and has only missed out on the playoffs once! Therefore, when folks start knocking Belichick for his unique decisions — starting Tom Brady in the second preseason game after a minor knee injury — you have to take it with a grain of salt.

For example, if this were the Jacksonville Jaguars playing their franchise quarterback — they don’t have one — right after an injury in practice, then I would understand the gripe, but these are the Pats we’re talking about!

He isn’t larger than life and I blame a ton of the Aaron Hernandez drama on him, but Belichick has a proven, successful and mapped-out plan that he doesn’t like the get away from. Brady will play in the second preseason game versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will likely leave the game feeling  better than he did before, so stop yelling at New England for “foolishly” playing Brady, because the Patriots invented a winning formula and are sticking to it.

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