NFLPA Freaking Out Over "Leaked" Josh Freeman Drug Information is Absurd

When news “broke” that Josh Freeman was in Stage 1 of the NFL‘s substance abuse program, everybody freaked out. Greg Schiano was questioned about “leaking” the information because of a spat with his former quarterback and the NFLPA poked out its chest while looking around to see if anyone noticed. Here’s a word of advice for all the overreactions to this old news: calm down.

Folks, everyone in Tampa Bay has known about Freeman’s drug issues for weeks now. Heck, news got all the way up here to us because our very own Dan Parzych talked about it two weeks ago. So NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith making this big statement about how the union is going to take every action possible to rectify the situation is a bunch of horse radish. You notice they don’t freak out when injury news is “leaked” despite the confidentiality clause in the Collective Bargaining Agreement they always point out so quickly.

And that’s not to say Schiano isn’t to blame for some of this — he’s just as big of a moron as Freeman. Both of these guys belong in an insane asylum instead of an NFL team anyway, and that has nothing to do with the latter’s drug problem. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already started to clean house, so expect both of these problem children to be gone by Christmas and Smith to go back to missing coffee mug putts in his office and pretending to play the boss of the NFLPA.


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