Jon Lester Didn't Cheat; MLB Should Not Overreact With Pointless Rules

Baseball is a strange game. I swear, it’s the only sport that involves rosin, Vaseline and spit.
Apparently, Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox took the mound for Game 1 of the World Series with a sticky, yellowish substance on his glove. Naturally, this kind of thing isn’t brought to the national eye, so casual MLB fans were calling Lester a cheater from the get-go. However, pitchers across the league will tell you that Vaseline is a must-have for any starting pitcher. Even still, the St. Louis Cardinals‘ fan base is looking for any reason as to why the Redbirds were embarrassed on Wednesday night.

Moreover, if Lester was really “cheating the game” like some say; wouldn’t the Cardinals have done something about it? Had Mike Matheny really felt that Lester was cheating, the Cards’ manager would have told one of his pitchers to throw a nice fastball right at Dustin Pedroia‘s tiny head — it sounds barbaric, but that’s how baseball works!
At the end of the day; don’t let some pointless goop ruin the 2013 World Series because Lester was simply getting a better grip on the ball, and was not giving himself an unfair advantage.

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