Rant My Life: The Kansas Chiefs are in Trouble

After starting the season a surprising 9-0, Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs have come back down to reality, and reality bites.  Having allowed only 63 points in their five previous home games, the Chiefs gave up 41 points and a game winning drive against San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers and his squadron of no-name receivers.

For the third consecutive contest, the Chiefs D gave up over 400 yards and they haven’t recorded more than one sack in a game since their Week 7 matchup against the pathetic Houston Texans.

Combine this with the fact that their two stud linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Hali left Sunday’s game with injuries, and it’s becoming very clear that Kansas City is in deep doo doo.

Without their defense carrying the load week in and week out, the Chiefs stand no chance at making a run in the postseason without more aggressive play from their quarterback.  Because even though Alex Smith won’t lose you many games, he’s not going to win you many either.

In 11 games this season, Smith has thrown only 11 touchdowns and his inability to consistently move the ball downfield and keep safeties honest. His safe style of play will be the Achilles’ heel of this Chiefs team come playoff time.

With a defense that is trending down and only one true offensive playmaker in Jamaal Charles, Reid would be wise to let Smith take a few more chances down the field in the upcoming weeks.

If not, the only postseason activity the Chiefs should count on is watching the playoffs from home.