Texas To Extend Mack Brown's Contract Four Years

By Chris Hengst

The University of Texas Board of Regents will vote Thursday to extend Mack Brown’s contract until 2020 according to the Austin-American Statesman.

That’s four years for a coach who oversaw a 5-7 squad at the best football job in the country as recently as 2010.

He then hired an almost entirely new staff and produced an 8-5 mark in 2011.

As I’m trying to understand this — every coach in the nation deals with negative recruiting, extending Brown won’t shut down those retirement rumors until he starts winning big again — I likened it on Twitter to making it rain.

This is a completely unnecessary move other than to flaunt your cash and have a reach of an excuse to hit the strip club.

So look out for Mack, Manny Diaz and Bryan Harsin tonight at the Yellow Rose.

Brown continues to earn his $100,000 annual raises (he currently makes $5.2 million) and to my surprise, there’s now a buyout clause.

Should Texas fire Brown with six months notice, it owes him $3.5 million.

So if the Longhorns return to winning ten-plus games annually, then Texas benefits. If the team suffers another losing season, the buyout amount is a drop in the bucket for the richest athletic department in the country.

With the returning starters on defense and what you have to believe will be an improved offense, coupled with a top five 2012 recruiting class, Brown certainly possesses the tools to contend in the Big 12 again.

However, Mack is 60, entering his fifteenth season in Austin and noticeably annoyed by the additions to his job responsibilities brought on by the Longhorn Network.

Perhaps Texas doesn’t find a reason to fire him unless he pulls a 2010 again but it also wouldn’t shock me to see Brown retire before he reaches any of those extension years.

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