NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Asks For An Immediate Trade To The Los Angeles Lakers

By Joshua Casey

Once again Dwight Howard, and all news surrounding him, has found a way to reappear at the forefront of sports fans’ lives. Howard, as was reported here yesterday, (although I did state that it would be on Friday not Wednesday), had a face-to-face meeting withOrlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan. Hennigan came into the meeting hoping to convince Howard that the Magic were heading in the right direction, and was looking for Howard to commit long-term to the Magic. Well, Rob had his hopes crushed.

As was reported by multiple media outlets, Howard once again held firm on his request to be moved by the Magic, except this time around things were different. What I mean by that last statement is that Howard let it be known to Hennigan that he was frustrated that talks with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Brooklyn Nets had broken down in late stages. Howard felt that both deals were good for the Magic, and by Hennigan declining bothit led him to believe that he was not that serious about moving Howard.

One thing that did stand out from the meeting, though was what was reported by the very credible JarrodRudolph, of Rudolph reported that Howard laid out three options for Hennigan to pursue. The first of these three options, and the one that might be the most likely to happen, was an immediate trade to theLakers, something that Howard would undoubtedly welcome. Howard will re-sing long term in Los Angeles at the end of the 2012-2013 season, and would welcome a move to L.A. The second option Howard laid out was that the Magic wait till January and trade him to the Nets, and finally the third option, Hennigan waits until the 2013 NBA off-season and loses Howard for nothing in return.

So while Howard did present Hennigan with three options, the list really was two, as the third option has probably not even entered Hennigan’s mind at this point. Anyways back to Howard’s request to be moved to theLakers. The request, again originally reported by Jarrod Rudolph, does seem to have legs, though as it wasfollowed by multiple, credible, sources stating that people in Howard’s camp are pushing for an immediate trade to the Lakers, stating that it is the only logical move for Howard right now. People in Howard’s camp also have reportedly let the Houston Rockets know not to trade for Howard as he will not re-sign long-term with them, instead opting to sign with the Dallas Mavericks in 2013 free-agency.

Now people who read that last sentence and thought that Howard will sign with the Mavericks in free-agency in 2013, regardless of where he is traded to, are wrong. Howard has the Mavericks as third on his list and will only sign long-term there if he does not wind up on the Nets, or Lakers, the top two teams on his list . At this point it does seem that the Lakers are the favorite to land Howard, but as we have learned quite well while following this Howard drama, things can change pretty quickly.


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