Tebowing is the new Planking; the Silly new Internet Fad

By Jeric Griffin

To say Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is an idol is an understatement now. Perhaps the most religious NFL players since Barry Sanders, Tebow often kneels to pray before, during and after games. Now, many of the Broncos’ Tebow-crazed fan base are imitating his praying, but not attributing it to God. “Tebowing” is the newest internet fad, much like the recent tend planking. The world will end soon.

What are these people thinking? Tebow is a quarterback in a fullback’s body, so there’s a million poses that could have been chosen as Tebowing. Granted, any of them would have just as ridiculous.

Planking was beyond silly, but some made it pretty comical. My favorite was someone’s dog, a black boxer, stretched out across a full bathtub determined not to get wet. And then there was the guy with his head and feet in the carry-on bins on either side of the aisle in an airplane. Now those are funny!

Tebowing isn’t funny and it’s sacrilegious. I know Tebow is a righteous guy (in the most holy and sincere meaning of the word), but as Keyshawn Johnson says, “C’mon man!”

People are Tebowing everywhere now as you can see by clicking here. That link will take you to Tebowing.com. That’s right; there’s even a website for it!

I guess seeing people Tebowing everywhere might make some football-illiterate sinners repent. There’s your reasoning to this madness that’s likely going to sweep the nation like planking did recently.

If your religious mother catches you Tebowing, you better lie and say you’re praying. But then you’re committing like a double sin. That wouldn’t make the originator of this silly fad happy, now would it?

Now watch Tebow win a Super Bowl soon and the entire world start Tebowing. Like I said, the world will end soon. Let’s hope so before Tebow actually does bring a title to the Mile High City and the entire world starts worshipping Tebow full time.

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