Video: The 2012 Miami Marlins Anthem

The Miami Marlins have suddenly became the New York Yankees of this year’s Winter Meetings.  The team has already added Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Mark Buerhle to the roster and they are supposedly after Prince Fielder.  Marlins fans are understandably excited and it led one aspiring rapper to make an anthem for the Marlins.

Surprisingly, it’s not half bad.  The artist behind it goes by the moniker DC.  Give him a follow on Twitter here.  The song also drew a shout-out from everyone’s favorite Marlin, Logan Morrison.

[blackbirdpie url="!/LoMoMarlins/status/144578696873918464"]

I was also a big fan of the Ozzie Guillen impersonation.  As a White Sox fan, that had me laughing uncontrollably.  Hopefully things work out for this aspiring rapper and his favorite baseball team.