Skip Bayless: "All He (Tim Tebow) Does Is Win" Video

By Tony Piraro

One of the greatest remixes you will ever witness, as done by ESPN for the sake of Skip Bayless and his man-crush Tim Tebow. ESPN’s First Take is a daily show that enables Skip Bayless to unleash the most outrageous rants in support of the Broncos quarterback. The video is called, “All He Does Is Win” and it’s a combination of all the Bayless rants on Tim in one place. More times than not, arguing against Skip Bayless is Stephen A. Smith who is completely against Tebow nation. Both men do their job the right way for ESPN, they make their opinions known and don’t care what anyone thinks about it. Bayless has had so many rants, ESPN had an opportunity to make this hilarious video. This just goes to show how long Bayless has been going gaga over Tebow, that ESPN was able to create this mix. Just don’t listen to it too many times or you’ll be singing it by the end of the day, like me. One way or another, you have to give Bayless some credit for sticking to his stubborn/subjective guns. He may go about making his thoughts known the wrong way, but his ratings only soar the right way.

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