Photo: Possibly The World's Biggest Bandwagon Fan

By Jeff Shull

One thing that bothers me more than anything are fans that lay claim to teams despite having no real reason for doing so. This is the bandwagon fan.

Also known as the fair weather fan, these are guys who start rooting for teams only when they get good. Some even stop rooting for teams during the bad years, only to come out of the wood work when things get better.

Needless to say, I was not surprised when Tampa Bay Rays hats popped out of nowhere in 2008.

This guy down in Florida could take the cake. He has decals of the Yankees, Lakers, Heat and Bulls (just to the right of the right tail light)  all over the back of his truck. My only question is does he have room for his Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots decals?

Once he gets those he’ll probably make room.

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