Singer Has Epic Voice Crack During God Bless America At Detroit Tigers Game

By Riley Schmitt

The Detroit Tigers were hosting the Minnesota Twins on the Fourth of July, which is patriotic enough. During God Bless America, things got wacky. Everything was going great until the very end when the singer’s voice cracked at the worst time.

I may be an awful person but I can not stop watching this video.  The guy has a really good voice and the rendition was awesome.  It is the end that makes it for me.  Voice cracks will never stop being funny and that approached Carl Lewis levels of funny.  I feel bad for the guy, but I am glad someone captured it on video.

If I were at that Detroit Tigers game, I would have been dying in the stands.  One, because it has been stupid hot all over the Midwest.  Two, because that moment is just too funny.  I bet the players about died of laughter induced issues.

I hope that this guy gets invited back to sing at more Detroit Tigers games.  There is always a need for redemption in America and letting the guy sing again would be great.  If he could avoid the voice crack, it would be an amazing story.  If his voice cracks again, we’d have another great video.  Everyone wins, sort of!

This was still one of the best moments of the baseball season.  I wish I could sing like this guy, but the pressure of the moment must have got to him or something.  That voice crack is one heard round the world.  Hopefully he gets a chance to redeem himself.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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