Boxer Martin Tucker Arrested For Bank Robbery After FBI Gets DNA From Q-Tip Used In Match

By all accounts, Martin Tucker was an up and coming boxer.  He beat Devarise Crayton in April, but the fight left him with a bloody nose.  The FBI was tracking Tucker as a suspect in a bank robbery and seized a Q-tip used in the fight to nab Tucker on DNA evidence.

That’s because the FBI suspected the junior welterweight of being one of three men who robbed a bank in Michigan back in 2009. Nearly three years later, an investigator watched Tucker win a four-rounder over Devarise Clayton, and then seized a Q-tip that Tucker’s corner man had inserted in the fighter’s bloody nose, according to The Detroit News.

DNA from the Q-Tip apparently matched that of a ski mask police found after tracking down the vehicle used in the robbery. The mask was among evidence found in a wooded nearby, the newspaper said.

I am not going to lie but this might be the most creative thing that I have ever heard.  I don’t think Tucker ever thought that his boxing career would land him in prison for the bank robbery that he pulled off.  Smart thinking by the FBI to grab the Q-tip and use it for DNA evidence.

I hope that we see more situations like this happening.  This almost seems like something straight out of a TV show, but it shows the good work that authorities can do with a little bit of creativity.  You can run from the law, but you can not hide.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.