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John Kuhn Hits Aaron Rodgers In Face With Shaving Cream Pie

Video: Rodgers gets pie in the face

Aaron Rodgers may be a MVP but that does not mean that he is immune to pranks. He was doing his media obligations on Monday when Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn decided to hit the QB in the face with a shaving cream. Rodgers was not expecting it and he was not happy. Then again, he did get to end his media stuff, which is probably nice.

It will be another great season for the Packers, as long as the injury bug does not strike.  They have looked a little sloppy in the pre-season but the offense should be just fine.  The defense is young, but it is improving.  There will be growing pains, but the team should improve week to week.

I think the best part about this video is how shocked that Rodgers was by this.  He was certainly not expecting it and he was none too happy about it.  I would expect that he will be attempting to get revenge on Kuhn in the near future, even if it will not be captured on video.

At least it shows the locker room is loose and that Rodgers is not immune to stuff like this.  I think it actually helps build chemistry and increases the bonds between teammates.  There is nothing wrong with a good old prank war unless somebody gets hurt.  Then there might be an issue or two.

Just wait.  In less than two weeks, we will be watching actual football instead of prank wars between teammates.  That’s certainly an upgrade.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.