Rick Reilly Tries To Claim Credit For Breaking Ben Roethlisberger Injury Story

By Riley Schmitt

Rick Reilly might end up being all that is wrong with sports journalism right now. ESPN is spending a ton of money on him and he is not doing much with it. He has basically mailed in his time with the company. On Monday, Reilly tried to take credit for news about the Ben Roethlisberger injury and it led to some hilarious circumstances.


First off, the look on Steve Young’s face is the pinnacle of comedy.  If a look could kill, Reilly would have keeled over on the spot. He has no problem with telling it like it is and he is not happy with Reilly trying to strong arm the network.  First off, he was not the first person to report anything about the injury.  He just happened to tweet about it the most.  That is not the same thing.

Reilly may have been a great journalist at one time, but if you are trying to claim Twitter credit, the battle is already over.  He has become a joke and I can not think of a single person who enjoys watching him do his spiel on ESPN.  It is a waste of TV time and takes away from actual football discussion.  Then again, ESPN is trying to become a caricature of itself, so Reilly helps that.

I will watch this video over and over again, just to see the Young face.  At first, we had the Kobe Bryant death stare.  Time to induct the Young stare into that Hall of Fame.

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