Taylor University Performs Annual "Silent Night" Tradition

By Renae Juska

I have to admit, I have never seen this tradition before, but it is quite amusing. Every year, the Taylor University Trojans pulls off their “Silent Night” stunt on the Friday before finals.

When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be the crowd singing the Christmas song, Silent Night. But I was extremely wrong.

Students and fans sit there quietly for the first nine points of the game. Then when they hit their 10th point, the crowd goes wild.

Make sure you watch the entire video because they added their own modern-twist to their Christmas celebration this year.


This year, the Trojans were playing Akron-Wayne for their Christmas tradition and they pulled it off very well. Senior Casey Coons was the lucky one to make the shot to hit the 10-point barrier.

It’s amazing to see that they can pack the entire gymnasium with fans dressed up in crazy Christmas costumes yet still manage to keep it silent for nine points of the game.

Although, I do have to say that the Gangnam Style remix at the end was very impressive as well. I know the famous horse dance has gone viral but watching a whole gym do it was pretty funny.

In the world of college basketball, this stunt is starting to hit a trend. The University of Illinois Fighting Illini pulled off the same exact stunt at their home opener this season.


Granted, looking at the size of the crowd you can tell that Taylor University pulled it off way better.

Okay, well they didn’t exactly copy it. The Illini surprised new coach John Groce with the event because he is a Taylor alum, so it was a welcoming home-opener for him.

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