30 Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames

25 Best Mascots in College Football

30 Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames

Infographic: The Best Mascots In College Sports

The Phillie Phanatic and 5 Other Super Mascots

The 10 Worst Division I College Football Mascots

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Ridiculous Mascots & Nicknames

Mike Carter- USA Today

Most people consider the athletes out on the field or the court the stars of the show. But every team has that famous mascot that can get the crowd going.

These mascots may be able to get the crowd to roar but they are some of the weirdest mascots out there. Some of them are just extremely non-threatening, inanimate objects, and others are made up creatures that nobody can describe.

Others are mascots that may represent their school for cheer but they don’t represent their nickname whatsoever. I don’t quite understand why college teams come up with ridiculous mascots that have no relation to their team whatsoever.

But, it happens. We’ll give Brutus the Buckeye as an example from Ohio State. If you don’t live in Ohio, you probably don’t even know what a Buckeye is. It’s a tree but the nuts that grow on it represent the chestnut-brown color with a light circle in the middle representing the eye of a buck (male deer).

So yes, they have a pretty pointless mascot, a nut doesn’t exactly sound like a threating thing to go against. But Brutus the Buckeye lucked out and missed the top 30 of the worst college mascots.

Personally, I think the worst are the inanimate objects; they don’t move, they don’t talk, but apparently its okay to make it into a crazy mascot that moves and talks.

I don’t really care if it’s a “tradition” at the school, either way these 30 mascots and nicknames are just bizarre in some sort or form.

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30. Southern Illinois Salukis

Spruce Derden- USA Today

Apparently Southern Illinois used to have the nickname "Little Egypt," so their mascot is a Saluki. What is a Saluki? A Persian Greyhound from Egypt... not something that you would see in the middle of southern Illinois. I guess it's a little better than their old mascot, the "Maroons."

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29. Alabama Crimson Tide

Kevin Jairaj- USA Today

Although I don't think their nickname "Crimson Tide" is the greatest, their mascot is just plain stupid. Big Al, the elephant, absolutely nothing relating to crimson.

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28. Trinity College Trolls


Trolls are normally annoying little creatures, not what I think of when I see a Christian College. Not to mention this is probably the ugliest troll-creature i've ever seen.

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27.UCLA Golden Bears

Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today

Before you wonder why this is on the list, it is because of the mascot's costume. Oski is a golden bear, yes, but aren't bears supposed to be scary? He looks like a cuddly teddy bear.

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26. Penn State Nittany Lions

Rob Christy- USA Today

This does not look like a lion, it doesn't resemble anything of a feline. Let's face it, the mascot is really a bear.

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25. University of Delaware Bluehens

Joe Camporeale- USA Today

It is the state bird of Delaware but it is not considered a chicken breed. Not to mention the fact that hens aren't blue or threatening of any sort.

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24. Virginia Tech Hokies

Jason O. Watson- USA Today

A Hokie isn't even a real thing; if you're going to make your own name, you could at least make it a bird that is more threatening than a chicken.

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23. Providence Friars


It's supposed to be a Friar but it looks like the mascot version of Jesus.

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22. Iowa State Cyclones

Brett Davis- USA Today

First off, Cyclones don't happen in Iowa, they don'y even happen in North America. Second of all, a cardinal has absolutely nothing to do with a Cyclone.


25 Best Mascots in College Football

30 Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames

Infographic: The Best Mascots In College Sports

The Phillie Phanatic and 5 Other Super Mascots

The 10 Worst Division I College Football Mascots

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21. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Derick E. Hingle

Considering Wake Forest is a Baptist college, I'm surprised they're allowed to be the Demons. Not to mention the mascot looks like United States president that has no harm.

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20. Toledo Rockets

Richard Mackson- USA Today

Okay, the Rocket's isn't a horrible nickname. However, the fact that the mascot resembles a Power Ranger is just highly unnecessary;we don't need to go back to the 90's.

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19. Delta State Fighting Okra


It's a vegetable, it doesn't fight, it is not threatening.

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18. Southern Arkansas Muleriders


The only place i've ever seen the an advertisement to ride a mule was a national park. But honestly, I don't think anyone just gets the random urge to ride a mule. Especially in southern Arkansas, where I don't think I have ever seen a mule.

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17. Campbell University Fighting Camels


Camels have no natural predators so it shouldn't take them very much effort to fight off the other teams.

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16. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Bruce Thorson- USA Today

First off, the term "Cornhuske"r makes the team look like bunch of country hicks. Second, they have an inflatable mascot, Lil' Red that looks more like one of those inflatable Christmas yard decorations. The only positive of this team is that they also have a mascot, Herbie Husker that clearly represents a farm boy.

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15. Akron Zips


Zippy the Kangaroo... Last I checked, there were no kangaroos in the United States and they have no association with zippers.

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14. Scottsdale Community Fighting Artichoke


Enough with the vegetables as mascots. The only time a vegetable should be in a costume is at a health fair or Halloween.

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13. Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

Chuck Cook- USA Today

The Ragin' Cajuns is kind of a cool nickname but their mascot ruins it. "Cayenne." The costume isn't even interesting, but then again, how could you make a mascot of a spice interesting?

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12. Wichita State Shockers


When I think of a shocker, I think of a loud noise, pop, or something crazy. But no, the Wichita State WuShock is a big bundle of wheat.

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11. St. Louis University Billiken


I don't think anyone actually knows what a Billiken is. It was said to be a charm doll made by an art teacher at the school, but it looks more like a mutated alien with hair.

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10. North Carolina School of the Arts Fighting Pickles


North Carolina holds a Pickle Festival every year in Mt. Olive. Yes, it is a fighting piece of fruit. Considering it is the School of Arts, I figured they could come up with something more unique than a pickle.

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9. Evergreen State Geoducks


A Geoduck is a giant, edible clam found in the sea. Let's just say they are not green and this mascot does not resemble the ugly sea creature. Not that it's an appealing mascot of any sort.

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8. Concordia Cobbers


When I think of Corn, I think more of Iowa than Minnesota. Regardless, your mascot is an ear of corn...

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7. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

Nelson Chenault- USA Today

There are no hurricanes in Oklahoma. Also their mascot's name is "Captain Cane," a Tulsa student that transformed into a captain as the result of an accident involving storm-generated static electricity. Extremely unrealistic.


25 Best Mascots in College Football

30 Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames

Infographic: The Best Mascots In College Sports

The Phillie Phanatic and 5 Other Super Mascots

The 10 Worst Division I College Football Mascots

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6. Syracuse Orange

Christopher Hanewinckel- USA Today

The Syracuse Orange, Otto the Orange to be exact. Once again, an intimate object is not a threatening mascot. And it's just a big orange circle with a blue hat on top and players are called "Orangemen."

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5. Williams College Ephs


Say hello to Ephelia, the Purple Cow. Oh, and their nickname, the Ephs rhymes with "chiefs." This one is just a bundle full of weirdness.

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4. Stanford Cardinals

Matt Kartozian- USA Today

This one is a classic. The Stanford Cardinals have an evergreen tree running around as their mascot. They claim it's for the vivid red in the school colors but I just call it bizarre.

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3. University of California-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs


A Banana Slug is exactly what I want to be, a sticky little creature that people step on when they see them. That's almost as bad as being a fruit or vegetable.

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2. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

Jamie Rhodes- USA Today

As if the nickname Hilltoppers isn't bad enough, their mascot is a big red furry blob named Big Red. These two things have absolutely nothing in common at Western Kentucky. If it were a green blob, I could understand because hills are normally green and the school is located in Bowling Green, KY. Epic failure in the world of mascots.

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1. Xavier Musketeers

Jason O. Watson- USA Today

The Blue Blob, absolutely no representation of a Musketeer. He resembles the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street in my opinion.


25 Best Mascots in College Football

30 Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames

Infographic: The Best Mascots In College Sports

The Phillie Phanatic and 5 Other Super Mascots

The 10 Worst Division I College Football Mascots

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  • Theo

    UCLA are the Bruins; Cal-Berkeley are the Golden Bears and their mascot is Oski not UCLA. The athletic teams at Stanford are not the CARDINALS but CARDINAL as in the color not the bird.

  • Anon

    You’re a fucking idiot. Oski is the UC Berkeley mascot. This post is terrible

  • Christopher CR

    When did Otto the Orange become an “intimate object?” I think you mean “inanimate,” you fucking retarded piece of shit!