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The Rock Wins The WWE Title At The Royal Rumble

The Rock told everyone that he was going to return to the WWE and that he was going to win the WWE Title. He was true to his word as he walked out of the 2013 Royal Rumble with the belt after beating CM Punk in a very interesting match.

At first, it looked like Punk was going to walk away with the title after some interference took place with the lights out.  However, Rock wanted the match restarted and it was granted.  This came instead of the company stripping Punk of the title and Rock hit a People’s Elbow to send him home a winner.

Going into this night, I didn’t think Rock was going to come out with the belt.  I figured they would hold off for a little bit and have him go over at the Elimination Chamber pay per view.  Having him with the belt for a PPV is going to be something that requires a bit of work.  He probably can’t work that much and you don’t want him to look weak with the belt.

I know a lot of people wanted Punk to retain and I thought he should have.  He has made the title mean something again and having him lose to a part-timer just does not look good.  If this sets up a rematch with John Cena, it is going to make a lot of people angry.  However, it will sell a lot of people on buying Wrestlemania this year.

So it is 2013 and the Rock is champion once again.  Hard to say anyone saw that coming years ago.