Little Boy Makes Free Throw to Cancel School on Super Bowl Monday

By Renae Juska


Source: YouTube

Mater Dei School in Bethesda, Maryland can thank a first grader for school being cancelled on the Monday after Super Bowl XLVII. How did he make this possible? He simply made a free throw.

The Headmaster of the school gave a seventh grader and an eighth grader the chance to make a three-pointer, before allowing the first grader to attempt a free throw. First grader, Blake Harper is now a legend for Mater Dei School.

I don’t know how the youngster managed to make it considering he was under the pressure of his whole school, but the entire gym went wild.

This was actually a very impressive shot for a first grader; it literally went right into the hoop, no bank or rim necessary. It’d be quite the story if this kid ended up playing in college or the NBA one day. At least he can say that he got his TV debut early in life.

I’m kind of surprised that the Headmaster of the school came up with this idea. Mater Dei is a private, Catholic school for boys, grades 1 through 8. I guess football took priority over religion and education for the day.

Either way, I’m sure the boys enjoyed their day off of school on Super Bowl Monday. Even the staff jumped up in joy to celebrate the free throw. Then again, who wouldn’t jump up for joy when a 6-7 year old makes a free throw and there’s a prize? I think the only people that could be disappointed would be the parents that had to find a babysitter for the young ones in the school.

Let’s just hope this little boy was okay considering he was dog piled after making the shot.

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