Kate Upton Is Your 2013 SI Swimsuit Cover Girl

By Bryan Lutz

How does that age old saying go? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? I’m guessing that is the exact thought process Sports Illustrated had when they decided to put Kate Upton on the cover for the 2013 Swimsuit Issue.

Upton, who was on the cover last year, will the first back-to-back cover model since Carolyn Murphy in 2005-2006, and the first back-to-back solo cover model since Elle MacPherson in 1986-1987. Although 2012 might have been the year of Kate Upton, she still has plenty of great years ahead of her.

The magazine hits the shelves next week, making it a perfect gift for all the guys on Valentine’s Day! While Upton being on the cover is great news, the thing most people are interested in is Katherine Webb’s photo spread. I’m pretty sure Brent Musberger is camping outside at his local 7/11 awaiting the truck.

Even though the internet has ruined the magazine, figuring that we all can see thousands of hot girls with a click of the mouse, it’s still exciting when the issue comes out. I don’t know about many of you, but I forget about how gorgeous a lot of these ladies are, and there are some that I never heard of before. However, there is one thing I will never understand about the issue: do swimsuit companies actually make profit from the swimsuits that are “worn” in the magazine?

Anyways, thanks again Sports Illustrated. I really enjoy any time that I can see Kate Upton, sans being with Justin Verlander.

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