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Kate Upton


MLB fans all across the Northern United States felt a surge of hope as their favorite team reported for Spring Training, an event that signifies the end of winter better than any groundhog ever could.

It is the time of year every fan of America’s favorite past time looks forward to. The standings are all even and hopes are high for every team in the Majors. It is a time when fans begin to set up their fantasy teams, studying the payers and devising the best plan as they prepare to draft.

It is also time to start looking ahead at your team’s schedule and begin planning your trips to the ballpark. Whether you need to put in for time off, set up a savings plan or just want to plan your baseball outings, it is time to look ahead and figure out a tentative plan for the season.

Going to the game is one of the best parts of being a baseball fan. It does not matter if you love the New York Mets, San Diego Padres or any of the other teams across the league, being at the park and supporting your team is part of the magic of the MLB and it is not lost on the celebrities of the world.

The following pages represent a handful of the most beautiful celebs to spend an afternoon taking in a game. A few are relationship fans, meaning the person they are in a relationship either plays on, or is a major fan of, the team they are watching. Some may feel they are not true fans, but they have been seeing having a good time at the park, and we feel it is a fantastic way for a woman to show her commitment to the relationship!

We are also blessed with several gorgeous celebrities that seem to have a genuine passion for the game of baseball. They cheer during the ups and pout during the lows, and we love them for all of it. It is good for the game to have such high profile fans promoting the teams and supporting the league, and we are here to support them too.

Click the “Next” tab and check out the list we have compiled. As always, if you disagree, or feel you have a better list, use the comments section below, or let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #RML, for Rant My Life.

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20. Mila Kunis


One thing for certain, celebrities love the Los Angeles Dodgers! Here Mila Kunis takes in a game with some guy in a Dodgers cap (note sarcasm). She clearly is not enjoying his presence.

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19. Jennifer Garner


If Jennifer Garner was a fan of the Boston Red Sox before she married Sox fanatic Ben Affleck then it is no wonder their marriage has been such a success. The two are seen here catching a game at Fenway Park.

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18. Halle Berry


We may not see Halle Berry at the park as much as we did when she was married to slugger David Justice, but the former Bond girl and Oscar winner still likes to take in the sights and sounds of a ball game every now and then.

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17. Lauren Conrad


Former reality star Lauren Conrad may not be the first MLB loving celeb that comes to mind, but she has proven to be a regular. Here she is throwing out the first pitch for the Dodgers on Opening Day.

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16. Drew Barrymore


Horrible baseball comedy/romances aside, Drew Barrymore is very serious when it comes to her MLB teams. Just look at her get up of the Florida Marlins....yes, she did that for the Marlins. What a nice girl.

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15. Gisele Bundchen-Brady


Another Boston fan that may or may not be influenced by her husband, Gisele Bundchin is an addition to baseball no MLB fan will complain about. She is also worthy of a photo twist.

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14. Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato has sung so many National Anthems at ballparks across the land, she has had no choice but to fall in love with the game.

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13. Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is one of the many celebrity girlfriends of New york Yankee duo Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. We loved seeing her at the games anyways! She still makes appearances, only now it is with sports fan Justin Timberlake at her side.

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12. Kendra Wilkinson


Kendra Wilkinson is often associated with football thanks to an amazing San Diego Chargers Playboy shoot and her marriage to former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett. Kendra is a big baseball fan as well, faithful to her home town Dan Diego Padres, but often seen wearing the Dodger blue.

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11. Avril Lavigne


The Tampa Bay Rays have one of the coolest fans of all time in Canadian punk/pop rocker, Avril Lavigne. Here she is taking time out from flipping everyone the bird to toss out the ceremonial first pitch.

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10. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba shows her investment in the game as she sees her Detroit Tigers fail to get the win. We just love seeing Alba doing anything. Seriously...anything.

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9. Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood is usually spotted at the hockey rink, but she loves to get her baseball games in as well. Here she is in Toronto, signing a few items for some lucky fans.

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8. Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria has been spotted at several sporting events of all types. She was even married to an NBA star for a bit, but her roots are still at the diamond. It was her favorite game as a child, and while she is gorgeous no matter the venue, we think the natural light of the ballpark suits her the best.

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7. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is one of our favorite celbs to catch at the ballpark. She may have spent much more time when she was supporting her boyfriend of the time, Alex Rodriguez, but she still enjoys relaxing at the park when she gets the chance. Rodriguez really screwed up on this one, and Diaz will go down as another A-Rod strikeout.

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6. Holly Madison


Former Girl Next Door Holy Madison is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Angels, but it is her work with the Las Vegas minor league team that really earns our approval. she even has her own bobblehead wearing the team's jersey! Between this level of commitment and all of the wonderful layouts she gifted the world with, Holly deserves to be commended for all she has given to the baseball world.

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5. Marisa Miller


Marisa Miller could have easily gone higher on the list. She has a natural love for the game, and she is as beautiful as they come. Here she is preparing to throw out the opening pitch for the Chicago Cubs.

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4. Alyssa Milano


Alysa Milano has been a regular around Dodgers Stadium since she was a child. Regardless of the record or the expectations, Milano has proven herself to be a true fan of the game. Oddly enough, we have her here in a Yankees kimono, but can you blame us?

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3. Torrie Wilson


One of the WWE's hottest Divas ever, also loves to sit in the stands to support a lucky Yankee boyfriend. Torrie Wilson always appears to be having a great time when she is watching the game and that works for us. We also like to imagine her storming the field and delivering a DDT to an ump after a bad call. In a bikini.

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2. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is one of our favorite players to see at the park. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she also truly loves to be there, and that is infectious. This is the type of fan MLB teams need right now. High profile, gorgeous and enthusiastic. We could not ask for much more, except maybe to have a seat next to Kate's.

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1. Kate Upton


Was there ever really any question?

We thought about enacting the "Shaq Rule" of the '90s which accepted Shaquille O'Neil as the most dominant player in the NBA, rendering all arguments about who was the best in the NBA to really be about who was second best in the league. Believe us, Upton deserves that type of consideration at this point in her career.

Just like Hudson, Upton is just what the game of baseball needs right now. Besides supporting her major league boyfriends, Upton is often at the Ballpark simply for the love of the game. She is a stand out at the celebrity game during the All Star extravaganza, and she could easily be seen as the face of baseball.

Honestly, we think it would be hard for the MLB to find a better spokesperson than the breath-taking beauty often found hanging around the diamond.