Oakland A's Fans Heckle Josh Hamilton With Butterfingers

By Jeric Griffin

Josh Hamilton is one of the most polarizing athletes on the planet, so switching teams didn’t help him get away from the heckling he takes on a regular basis. That was again the case on Monday night during the Los Angeles Angels‘ 10-8 loss to the Oakland A’s in 19 innings.

The day didn’t start off well for Hamilton, who was mocked by A’s fans in the right field stands. While with the Texas Rangers last year, Hamilton dropped a routine fly ball to allow Oakland to steal the AL West title from Texas in the regular season finale. Thus, A’s fans showed their appreciation by throwing Butterfinger candies onto the field during batting practice before Monday’s game.

To be clear, this wasn’t an official event by the A’s and the organization didn’t have anything to do with it. A fan organized the unofficial “Josh Hamilton Appreciation Night” on Twitter and the “event” saw an incredible turnout.

Hamilton must have been in a good mood (that varies greatly from day to day) because he picked up one of the candies, posed for a picture with it (above) and then ate it. However, he wasn’t exactly all smiles by the time the marathon-like game ended; Hamilton went 0-for-8 with three strikeouts in the loss, although he didn’t drop any routine fly balls this time around.

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