Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Jeremy Lamb Once Posed in WalMart Ad (Photo)

By Paul Seaver
Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

At 6-foot-5, Jeremy Lamb has a skill set and the athleticism to be a solid NBA guard in the coming years. Lamb’s rookie year wasn’t overly attractive, given he only averaged 3.1 points per game, but his potential still fits the bill that warranted his attention as the 12th overall pick a year ago.

While Lamb’s future is brightening, or at least it still has the potential to, his past has included many shining moments. From his days as the go-to-guy for the UConn Huskies to the one time he posed for a WalMart ad.

Wait, what?

That’s right — Lamb once posed in a WalMart ad as a kid. Awesome.

Lamb uploaded the photo below to his Instagram account to share with all his fans:

Lamb is rocking those Rustler relaxed fit jeans all swagged out with the tucked in polo. Priceless. Given Lamb’s transition to the NBA, he’s turned a basketball career into a paycheck that could probably afford quite a few $7.96 jeans — if they’re still on sale that is.

Jeremy Lamb and WalMart — it’s a match made in heaven. With that being said, maybe they should see if they can get him back for some endorsement deals.

It could work out.


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