Social Media Needs An Ignition Interlock Device for Athletes

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Roddy White Apologizes for Twitter Comments
Daniel Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, all you nerds out there — it is time to put your amazing brains together because the world needs you more than it ever has.

No, an asteroid is not heading our way; there is not even a pending zombie apocalypse hours away. In fact, it is a more grave need than anything we as a society has ever faced before.

Someone has to invent a ignition interlock device for Twitter and all of social media. Yes, an IID. If you are not familiar with what this piece of technology is, then consider yourself lucky because that means you and your loved ones understand the importance of not driving drunk and have the proper maturity function in the world.

Rumor has it the Denver Broncos are installing these devices on all employee vehicles starting tomorrow.

And as each day goes by, it is becoming more and more evident that athletes, actors, politicians and anyone who has lost (or never had) touch with reality needs a device attached to their phone or computer that will render them unable to post their lunacy.

Of course, Roddy White‘s original tweet is no longer available because he was called in to a meeting with his Atlanta Falcons after wishing death on all the jurors from the George Zimmerman trial. He was not alone, as Victor Cruz did the same and had his apology statement out within 24 hours. Then you had the Twitter image of Billy Corben, Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey sporting the following …


Now don’t get this guy wrong. The U.S. is founded on the freedom of speech and it is great that folks have consequences for their actions — that will never change. But it does seem that athletes, celebrities and politicians think they live on a different planet and that they are simply more important and immune from stupidity.

Meanwhile, the rest of us sit and pause to collect our thoughts and think of the implications of what flying off the handle on social media might mean to our family and career.

Social media is an outstanding form of entertainment and is becoming the way most of us want to get our news and information. But, for the greater good, can someone get this IID invented for these pompous fools?

It’s becoming just too depressing to see how stupid those who have money and drive the direction of our sports, entertainment and country actually are becoming. Shut them down with technology before we all lose all hope.

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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