Check Out This Hilarious Skit By New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and His 'Best Friend'

By Dan Parzych
Tom Brady
(Stew Milne/USA Today Sports)

It’s difficult to imagine that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a sense of humor considering how serious he is each time he steps on to the football field, but the future Hall of Famer has proven time and time again he can in fact be funny. Not too long ago, Brady made headlines for his “Wicked Accent” skit in which he was shopping at a sporting good store and everybody was asking him about his “Boston accent”–especially one of the store’s employees.

Now, it appears Brady and the store employee have teamed up once again for a hilarious skit in which the employee tries to be best friends with the quarterback.

Once again, the skit takes place in a Dick’s Sporting Good store where Brady is signing autographs for fans and once again–Doug is the main employee on duty. This time around, Doug asks Brady for a favor of meeting his girlfriend’s parents so he can make a good impression and while he agreed to do it at first–it’s no secret he would end up regretting his decision later.

Not only does Doug make up a bunch of stories surrounding Tom, but he takes numerous shots at the Patriots quarterback to make him look like the better individual next to his girlfriend’s parents. There’s plenty of hilarious moments to take away from this skit, but the best has to be all of the nicknames Doug creates about his “best friend”–including Shady Brady and Tommy Sallammi.

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