Atlanta Sports Media Must Shoulder Some Blame for City’s Terrible Reputation

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  When I decided to write this column I knew I had to do two things. First, be very careful about what I said, as a number of Atlanta’s marquee sports reporters do read my work from time to time. […]

It’s Time For Fan Votes to be Removed from All-Star Games

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  All-Star: [awl-stahr] – adjective 1. consisting of athletes chosen as the best at their positions from all teams in a league or region  2. consisting entirely of star performers. Key words I see above? Chosen. Best. Entirely. None of […]

The Tragedy in Connecticut Should Leave Us Thinking And Caring Rather Than Blindly Reacting

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Writer’s Preface: When you are in a position where things that you write or say can be potentially heard or read by large numbers of people, you sometimes have to just stop and not throw your first reaction out for […]

Rob Parker Has Taken His Shock Journalism Too Far


Guess what folks…it’s the end of the year, and that must mean that ESPN’s Rob Parker is due to say something insulting to someone. Usually he picks on a particular fan base, or a team. Sometimes he even goes as […]

LeBron James’ Image Rehabilition is Now Complete

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Sports Illustrated has named Miami Heat superstar LeBron James their 2012 Sportsman of the Year, and with that I think it’s safe to say that King James has moved beyond damage control to his reputation, and has now completed a […]

New York City Marathon To Go On As Planned, Hotel Owners Caught In Middle

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UPDATE: 5:30 pm – New York City officials announce cancellation of New York City Marathon New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s controversial decision to move forward with the New York City Marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has raised […]

The 15 Worst Career-Ending Injuries


10 Sports Fans We Can Do Without


Michael Wilbon Apologizes; So How About Rob Parker?

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ESPN analyst and former Washington Post columnist Michael Wilbon described the Washington D.C. sports scene as “terrible” and referred to the nation’s capital as ranking “last” among sports towns. He has since recanted his unfortunate remarks, along with his much […]

Ian Poulter Tries a “Happy Gilmore” Tee-Off at Ryder Cup

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The world of professional golf has long been thought of as a stuffy, conservative and subdued world – particularly at the tee-off. People associate a tee shot with whispering commentators and large wooden “QUIET PLEASE” signs. But as the younger […]

Yes, It’s Official, Replacement Refs Gone – But Is It Too Late?


After three consecutive weeks of exponentially worsening calls by NFL replacement referees, the team owners and NFLRA finally decided to lock themselves in a room, Bronx Tale style, and get a deal hashed out to put the regular officials back on the field. The question now […]

Complaining About NFL Officiating? Check Out These Bad Calls