2012 Undervalued Fantasy Stars: WR

By Adam Jun

So you know the sleepers at halfback and quarterback so you’re set right? Nobody is going to see it coming and you’re going to run away from the competition because you already have the inside scoop, right? Nope, sorry you are still need the dude flanking you on the outside. That’s right it’s time for the fantasy sleeper at wide out, so drum roll please.

We’ve examined different elements that create a diamond in the rough fantasy prototype.  We’ve looked at coaching systems, pedigree, domed stadiums just to name a few.

One element of a fantasy sleeper we have not yet touched on is the chip on your shoulder, “something to prove” factor.  Our undervalued star has so much “something to prove” factor it’s pouring out of his eyeballs.  He is in a New York state of mind, much like he was before but now he’s thinking green, and no longer feeling blue.

Tired of the poetic rhetoric yet?

Plaxico Burress is your 2012 fantasy sleeper at wide receiver.  We’ve got every factor rolling here. Plax just finished serving a two year prison sentence where he has been building a chip the size of a small country for all sorts of reasons.  There are so many Plax haters out there that want him to fail, believe he is through at 34 years old.

If you’re looking for a track record to compare his situation to, do you remember that Michael Vick guy?

Believe me when I say this, Plaxico is not through folks. He’s a physcial freak of nature and if you don’t remember, let me grant you some clarity. This guy was a premiere physical talent when he last played.  As reliable and clutch as they come. According to ESPN Science, he has the longest wingspan of any wide out in the game. He’s super tall and reportedly has not shrunk since being in the cooler.

Catch my drift?

Even if you don’t, the sure hands of Plaxico Burress still will.

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