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Fantasy Sports

Fred Jackson: The First Half Fantasy Football MVP

By Adam McGill

Fred Jackson, the starting running back of the Buffalo Bills may not be the leading NFL MVP, but he certainly is the fantasy MVP of the year.  Jackson has trampled opposing defenses on his way to a career season and also may help carry some fantasy teams to a championship.  Jackson has posted three consecutive 100-yard rushing performances and is currently second in the league in yards from scrimmage with 1,074 total yards.

The former Arena Football League player originally won the job from fellow back C.J. Spiller, when Marshawn Lynch was traded to Seattle at the end of last year.  Jackson was given the job due to the fact that he was a better pass blocker, but he kept the job over the 2010 first round pick, Spiller, since Jackson is a stronger downhill runner.  He showed that he can carry the ball 20-25 times a game, while still contributing in the passing game.  In recent games, Spiller has been moved to the outside to play receiver, partially because of the injury to Donald Jones, but mostly because Jackson is too hot to have on the bench.

 Jackson was typically drafted after the 6th round this summer, which makes him one of the best value picks of any draft.  His low average draft position helped franchises grab a couple legitimate backs to pair with the guy from Coe College; such as Steven Jackson, Maurice Jones-Drew, or Ray Rice.  This has helped Jackson owners build a respectable running back core and hopefully a championship team.   Fantasy is not about who drafted the most big name players, but who had the best value picks in the draft. Anyone who was drafted as a bench player and then ends up being a top-five back is without a doubt a true fantasy MVP.