Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Should You Add Matt McGloin?

By Dom DeCarlo

We are… Penn State! We are…Penn State! Those cheers were the last cheers that many people thought that quarterback Matt McGloin would hear as a starting quarterback. No one would have guessed that McGloin would make a major impact in the NFL. Look, I am not saying McGloin did not have success while at State College, it’s just that he wasn’t on anyone’s radar this season in the NFL or for fantasy football.

With the Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Terrelle Pryor was out with any injury in Week Eleven, McGloin got to play in his first game as a starter in the NFL. Now, if you had Pryor and were looking at someone to replace him for this week, you would have never thought of McGloin. Heck I would have never told you to take him in a million years!

However, McGloin had an excellent first game in the NFL against the Houston Texans throwing for 197 yards and three touchdowns.

Many of you are going to ask this question, so I figured I’d post it and then answer it: Should I add Matt McGloin this week off of my league’s waiver wire?

As much as I would like to say yes to this question the answer has to be no.

I am a Penn State fan at heart. I would love to tell you that McGloin will be a great pick up for your fantasy team heading into the playoffs and may even help you win a game or two down the stretch. I just can’t say that because I feel that it will not happen.

When Pryor returns from his injury, he will be the starter in Oakland once again. Pryor has not played bad enough to lose his starting job. After Pryor returns, McGloin will return to the bench to be his backup.

I will leave all Matt McGloin supporters with this. If Pryor does go down again this season with an injury, I do feel that you could pick up a lot of other players that would be worse for your team than McGloin. For the time being, let someone else pick him up and waste a waiver wire bid and a roster spot on a guy that will see the bench sooner rather than later.

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