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MLB Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles’ Top 5 Trade Assets

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Baltimore Orioles' Top 5 Trade Assets

Baltimore Orioles Rumors: Top 5 Trade Assets
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The Baltimore Orioles are currently sitting at nine games over .500 and 4.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League East. They have a core group of players that have carried them throughout the season that will definitely not be on the move as the trade deadline inches closer.

Chris Davis, Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy will all be starting in the All-Star game next week, and the first two names will definitely not be on the move this season as the O’s are looking to make it to the postseason. Hardy, the best shortstop in the American League, would be one player many teams would want. They might have a chance to get him if Hardy and the Orioles can’t come close to agreeing on a contract extension before the trade deadline.

Manny Machado, Nick Markakis, and Nate McLouth have all had fantastic seasons as well, and a lot of teams would like to add them to their squad, but there is no chance the Orioles would be dumb enough to deal one of these players if they want to be playing in the postseason.

The Orioles have already improved their starting pitching when they acquired Scott Feldman from the Chicago Cubs for hard throwing Pedro Strop. With Darren O’Day, Jim Johnson and Tommy Hunter leading their bullpen, they don’t really need much help, but they do have some quality relievers that could mean a lot to some other teams out there.

Pitching is always valuable and the Orioles have a lot of good arms to get rid of if they want to. With six starting pitchers, they certainly can get rid of one.

Now let's now take a look at the top 5 trade assets on the Orioles' roster.

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5. Brian Roberts

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Brian Roberts is just returning from injury and has played in double digit games now. He is a second baseman a lot of teams would like, but one that is expensive to the Orioles. He could possibly be traded for a nice starting pitcher and then be on the move again.

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4. Matt Wieters

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Matt Wieters has been the everyday starting catcher for the Orioles and they love him. His contract is almost up and the Orioles will need to sign him to an extension, but he would be costly. A lot of teams would love a power-hitting catcher like Wieters and with the Orioles drafting four catchers in the first seven rounds of the draft, they could be thinking about letting him enter free agency -- so why not try and get something out of him while they can?

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3. Ryan Flaherty

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Ryan Flaherty was an everyday player while Brian Roberts was injured and showed that he has some potential. He’s only hitting .213, but showed some power by jacking six home runs. He could be a nice little piece to a team coming down the stretch if the Orioles are willing to let him go.

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2. Dylan Bundy

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Dylan Bundy is a top pitching prospect in the Orioles system that many team would love to acquire. However, the Orioles are unlikely to deal him unless they are able to get a young talented, top-tier starting pitcher.

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1. Kevin Gausman

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Kevin Gausman is one of the top pitching prospects the Orioles have. It is highly unlikely the O’s will let him go, but if they do want to get a top tier starting pitcher, Gausman would be their bait.