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Chicago White Sox’ Top 5 Trade Assets

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Chicago White Sox Rumors: Top 5 Trade Assets

Chicago White Sox Rumors: Top 5 Trade Assets
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The Chicago White Sox have had an extremely disappointing first half of the season and without a miracle occurring, they will fail to make the playoffs this season. For a team that is playing so bad, they do have some very good players that will now be on the trading block as the White Sox will look to acquire some talented prospects for the players they don’t plan on building a franchise around.

Hitting has been a major problem for them as they are ranked nearly last in major offensive categories, and their pitching has been mediocre. Although their hitting hasn’t been very good, they do have some nice bats that can be looked at by other teams and will most likely be dealt. They have a starter that many playoff contenders are after in Jake Peavy, and the White Sox can benefit greatly from dealing him to a contender by the deadline.

When you are a young team and knocked out of the playoff race by the deadline with many aging players returning, you want to start thinking about rebuilding for the future, and now is the best time to do that for the White Sox.

Chris Sale is a great pitcher to build around, and there is no way he will be dealt by the deadline. He will certainly be around for awhile as the ace of the staff.

Here are the White Sox' top five trade assets as they look to bring in some prospects to build a quality team around Sale.

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5. Alexei Ramirez

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The 31-year old shortstop has the highest batting average out of all qualifying White Sox players at .277. He has shown signs of greatness and signs of laziness and lack of work. The White Sox may have overused their talented shortstop, but a new ballpark and vibe can bring new life out of a talented player.

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4. Alejandro De Aza

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Alejandro De Aza is a young and talented outfielder for the White Sox. He is hitting .258 with 10 home runs and 40 runs batted in so far this season, and would be a very nice addition to any team who is looking for a quality outfielder heading into the postseason.

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3. Jesse Crain

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Jesse Crain was having an All-Star season until he injured his shoulder, which placed him on the 15 day DL. Crain’s outstanding numbers had a bunch of teams looking to trade for him, but his pattern of injury could potentially have teams a little shy to make a deal.

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2. Jake Peavy

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Jake Peavy is currently on the 15-day DL, but that doesn’t make teams worried about acquiring him. He was 6-4 with a 4.30 ERA before getting hurt and would be the third or fourth starter on a playoff team who can really bring experience and talent.

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1. Alex Rios

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A lot of teams will look to add a right-handed power hitter at the deadline and Alex Rios might be the best one available. He is hitting .268 with 11 home runs so far this season, but with a new scene and on a contending team, those numbers will definitely be better.