Chris Davis Selected for Home Run Derby; He Should be Cautious

By David Miller

No power hitter is having a better offensive season than Chris Davis at this point. The Baltimore Orioles slugger is even several homers in front of Detroit Tigers big man Miguel Cabrera. Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees and captain of the American League Home Run Derby team has tapped Davis to be on the A.L. Derby team. Davis is excited about it but manager Buck Showalter doesn’t seem overly happy. I think Showalter’s cautious attitude would be a very healthy one for Davis to approach the Derby with.

Showalter said recently that he wanted Davis to know the homers that barely make it over the wall count just as much as the ones that wow everyone. The point there is clearly that he doesn’t want Davis to tweak an oblique muscle just for an exhibition to the main exhibition game. I couldn’t agree with Showalter more. Davis should be careful not to get too wrapped up in swinging big because the honest truth is that he probably isn’t going to win anyway. Also on the A.L. team is Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Davis is having a better season by quite a ways than Fielder offensively but Fielder has a swing that seems to be tailor made for the Home Run Derby. If I were Davis, I would want to do exactly what I do in batting practice and nothing more. Even though it is rare that the Derby injures someone, it has been known from time to time to mess with someone’s swing for a few weeks. Even though the chance is remote, to lose Davis for a week or two to a slump or small injury would be terrible right now for the Orioles. Hopefully he will do a decent job but just not make it to the final rounds. That way he gets to showcase himself without swinging the bat a gazillion times in one night.

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